Wednesday, June 2, 2010

long time no blog

Yes it feels wonderful to finally be back in the world of blogging.. I have really missed it. Well, guess you are wondering what all we have been doing???? Well, I started work, I am working from home for Home Shopping Network. I am a sales rep and I am really enjoying being able to work from home. I am still in the training process, and so far so good... I love being able to get up and go to work in my pjs. Now it cant get any better than that, also I never have to drive any where I get to stay at home. Well, that is enough on me, the kids are doing wonderful. Braxton is now a big boy he graduated from Kindergarten... I am so proud of him. He is such a great little man... So he is on summer break and loving every minute of it. Perks not having to get up every morning and and big one for him is he is getting to stay up later at night and has been sleeping in the living room... Brennon oh my little Benny since I have been working he has been staying with Nicks mom alot and also with my sister n law more as well. So he is really enjoying that. He is also glad that he is getting to see Braxton and my brothers little boy Austin more now that school is out. They are going to have a awesome summer together. Then Brooklyn is just growing more and more everyday, I can not believe that my baby is fixing to be 2 years old.. And for real it is hitting home for me cause she is our tiny little baby and will always be. No more kids for us, now me and Nick are looking forward to watching all three of them growing up.. So I guess that is it for the kids and plan on trying to stay with the blogging world I am not sure how well that will work with me working now and all the things we have going on but I will def try.

My litte baseball player

Mommys handsome little blue eyed boy

I can not believe my baby can be this be

Look at the Diva

Smiling for Daddy
Braxton singing and dancing