Wednesday, March 31, 2010

True Love Waits

The title says it all a few Sundays ago Nicks sister (Ashley) finish the class. True love waits where she vowed that she will wait till she is married and finds her true love. So I am so super proud of her.. I was sitting with her mom which is Nicks step mom and we both we crying. I am so bless to be a part of this. Ashley I love you and am so so proud of you....


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break day 2 plus pictures

Brooke after spending the day with Mommy, 
while the boys were with Papa

I just love her smile!!!!!!

My boys they are so much fun right now!!!! This is them after a birthday party we went to and they got new sunglasses

I am really slow with updating but I am trying.... These are the most recent pictures I have took of the kids... Today it was warmer but still not really Spring like weather but it is getting there. So, we are super lazy all day. We got up and layed around then took a nap then got up and I am cooking supper right now and I am already looking forward to bedtime.... Love days where we all just stay in our Pjs all day. Tomorrow will be busy so I am making sure we dont do anything today. Tomorrow Nick will work then he is off for two days. At 2pm Braxton has ball practice then at 6pm Brennon has ball practice plus we have choir practice and bible study group at church so I am hope I get them to everything but we will see how it all goes.... I really need to make a trip to Walmart today but yeah right that is not going to happen.  Well, I guess I better go and finish supper.. We are having Barbque chicken, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes... Yummy, I am getting so hungry just smelling it cooking, boys are cleaning their room now so hoping it stays that way for the rest of the night but most likely they will be doing it again right before bed. I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday and A blessed Wednesday!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break week

Things are been great around here, I have been so lazy and just have not posted in a very long time. This week is Spring Break and we woke up to some snow, wow crazy TN weather. I think it is going to warm up and be that way for a while so I am praying that Spring time weather will be here to stay. Well, I have been so so busy. I have done like 8 loads of laundry and finally almost done and got everything put and hung up and all rooms cleaned. Dishes done kids had bath and now we are just waiting for bedtime. I am going to bed early tonight. Dancing with stars started tonight and I am recording it but have not started watching it yet. I might curl up on the couch and watch it but dont really know yet.  Well these two are the reasons I wanted to watch the show... I always loved Jon and Kate plus 8 and I really loved the Bachleor this season. So we will see how things go!!!!!!

ok changing the subject but Brooklyn is standing right beside me and she just did this so I have to tell....
Ok so last night after church we had a supper and they had barbque well I look over and Brooke is trying to stick it up her nose, and she will not leave her nose alone after that so I keep wiping it and then I let her down to walk around all she was maybe like 5 feet from me and she sneezed and YES out came barbque... What for real she really had some up her nose, well I just thought it was a one time thing and we went one, well today at lunch they boys were having popcorn and she did it again and again she sneezed it out. Well, just a few mins ago she was standing beside me and she had a paper and was just talking up a storm... Like she was reading it, it was so so cute. I started to blog and then there she goes again, mama NOSE.. That is what she says to me. And she had put paper up her nose. I do not understand why all of a sudden she wants to start sticking things up her nose. I am worried that it is going to be something bad and I will have to take her to the dr.. Lord she has gone crazy!!! Well, I thought you all might get a good laugh of that... Only me and my babies right!!!!
Boys have been playing ball and doing great but wow it is keeping me busy and will only get worse from here on out. I am really enjoying it cause it gives us something to do besides just sit at home. Well, just got all three kids in the bed so I am going to watching my shows I have recorded. Have a blessed Tuesday and I am planning on posting again tomorrow with all the pictures.....


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baseball has started

I had the best night ever... I loved spending my Friday night with Nick and kids at the ball field...  The boys had a blast and so did me and Nick. This was our 1st time and man was it fun. So we have tons of practice and games coming. We had dinner with some old friends and it was awesome to see her and her family. Then today it was so so pretty here, it was like 65 so we spent the day at Grammy's (Nicks mom) and then I brought my brothers little boy home with us (Austin) So I have a full house tonight and I wouldnt have it any other way. The boys have been awesome tonight..... I am just waiting on hubby to get off work and come home. Tomorrow we have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I am excited because it is for the old friend (Britney) little girl she is having her 2nd birthday party. Well, this coming two weeks will just be us going to ball practice and spending the rest of the time at home.. Trying to save some money.... I am really looking forward to April... the Easter bunny is coming!!!!!!
Then we might be moving yeah I said it, we are moving again.... Well, this time is well I would like to say for good, but I dont really know. But I will say we will be here for a while. Well, the house is special to me cause it is where I grew up and lived until I got married to Nicholas....... And also Nicks mom and my daddy live on same land, so the kids will love living close to Grammy and Pa. I am super excited to live close to Grammy again. So we will see how things work out, right now my brother and sister are living there. But they got offered the best thing ever. A rent to own house that they love so they are hoping first of April they will be able to move in. Right now I can hear the boys talking to each other, not wanting to go to sleep, they want to keep playing. They are talking about what they are going to do as soon as they wake up... Its time like these that are priceless.. I love it!!!!!

Yay I got my signature back!!!!!! Took me a while with getting a new computer but I finally did it and I just love it!!!!!!!!

Benny after his 1st tee ball practice

Bubba right before his 1st coach pitch practice

My sexy Husband getting us gas before we head to another ball practice

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well, I am going to start writing a journal... Right now in my life I feel like I can not take anymore, and pretty much this is all I am going to say because yeah everyone can read this and I really dont want this kinda of stuff out there. But if you are reading this right now please tonight before you go to bed, please I am begging you to say a Prayer for me... I am needing this more now than ever... I am a young mother of three kids and I am not raising them up the way God wants me too. And I need to change and I want to change so here I am...
Well, our weekend went great I am really to a point where I wish I could never get out of bed.. This is getting so bad. I am really hoping that I can go to see a dr tomorrow morning cause I am at a breaking point. Ok sorry back to our weekend, Saturday we took Braxton to like a coach baseball try-outs. He had the best time ever... Then Sunday we got the call from both Braxton and Brennon's new coaches.. Brennon starts practicing Friday and Braxton starts Sunday, I really need this more than they do I think.  So we are really looking forward to all the fun times to come. So, please again say a prayer for me...
Thanks alot