Sunday, January 23, 2011

How life can change

Well, I am writing this and not really wanting to but life happens....
So tonight I was talking with he Lord about something I wanted but Nick didn't really know if he wanted it or not, so I said we will give it to the Lord and he will let us know whats BEST for our family and not what I want... That was while I was laying down resting before work.  Well 10pm came and I went to work like normal then 45 mins later my supervisor called my phone and went on to tell me that my closure rate ( % of what I sell nightly) had been really low since I started and he has tried to give me time to get up and I have not yet so they were letting me go..... FIRED??????????????????????????????????????????????? So no more HSN for me.

Yeah so now I have three kids and a family and NO JOB... My heart is hurting cause I don't know what we are going to do, yes Nick works and all but dang a family of 5 we NEED 2 incomes.. and now we will not have that... Well needless to say I got my answer pretty plain from God!!!! Our problem was moving into a larger house (which means larger payment) and Nick was worried and I wanted it.. so God told me what would be best for my family. I am sad and hurt but feel like God has something else out there in store for me.. IS he telling me  I need to go back to school or what... At this point I am so unsure and kinda in shock. I tried so hard at that job cause I knew how lucky I was to be able to work from home.. U know no gas or childcare couldn't get any better than that.. So please please be in prayer for my family as we go thru this new path the Lord has put us on... Thank you in advance and hope you have a blessed Monday

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tractor Pull 2011

A few weeks ago we took the to Murfreesboro to the Miller Coliseum for a indoor tractor pull. And to say they had a blast would be a understatement ;) Brennon didnt really like it at 1st but once daddy went and bought him some ear plugs it was all good.... Nicks cousin's Dalton and Dillon meet us there as well and the kids LOVE them well mainly Dalton.... Brooklyn spent the night with her Papa and we spent some time with the boys and here are a few pictures of our night!!!! Enjoy

                                                             My boys...
                                                     me and the hubby
                                                My man, oh how I love him
                                          now my lover boys silly picture
Braxton loved taking pictures of mommy and daddy
                                           This is Nicks cousin Dalton, Benny loves him <3
                                               my boy watching the tractor

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

poor hubby

 Nicholas has been sick for  while now since maybe a week before Christmas and he was just been putting off going until Monday went he couldn't take it any longer, so he was having a hard time breathing so I took him to the er... Well after 3 hours of us being there, chest xrays and breathing treatment, Dr came in and told us Nick had pneumonia in his left lung.. I was so worried they were going to keep him here but we got super lucky and she gave us meds and sent us home. I was so ready to get out of that place, I really dislike that place cause I just feel like since I was not since after being there I will get sick!!!! Here is picture of my hubby trying to rest but couldn't cause I wouldn't leave him alone ;)

After that we went and got his meds and came home.... Then Tuesday Braxton had to go back to school and with Nick being sick he was at home. After I got Braxton from school I needed to go and get groceries.. Well on my way to Murfreesboro I thought why I was down there I would just go get my nails done as well. Then I went and spent 320 dollars at walmart... Yeah you read that correct... SUCKS but we gotta eat
I was on my way home just really sleepy and ready for my nap before work that night. I was on broad st in Murfreesboro sitting still at a red light and just waiting for my time to go and then I hear the loudest boom I have ever heard I thought the cars beside me were having a wreck and I was freaking out and didn't want to be in it.. well not... once I figured out what happen I felt somethings hitting me I had my window down some, and then is when I knew what happen. There was a BIG truck coming at me head on and I was just sitting there and he hit the side of my truck and took my mirror off... AHHH freaking out is a understatement cause I really didn't think I could try home, I was tore up... Well I sit there and put it in park the saw that the truck that hit me NEVER stopped just kept on driving.... Well to me all that matters is that he took my mirror off and didn't hit me head on and this is all I have left of my drivers side mirror :(

Just looking at that picture makes me sad. After everything happened I just took off driving home.. I was so upset, I should have called 911 but I didn't.. So here I am today without a mirror and some other places where the mirror hit the side of my truck... Well after that needless to say I didn't work last night.
This morning Nick went back to work and I done some cleaning but really was lazy most of the day :) cause that's what  I do best... and right now it is 8:15pm and I am out of here and going to bed :)
Love my nights off and get to go to bed

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years

Well everybody always says things change after you have kids.. That is for sure. We spent the New Years @ home with the kids doing nothing... Well hubby and kids did nothing mommy had to work. So at Midnight Brooklyn and Brennon were already asleep but I got kisses from 2 out of 3 of my favorite boys... Braxton and Nick came into the office while I was working to kiss me at midnight... Ahh I llove my life...
Then since I worked all night I spent New Years day sleeping and man it was awesome...
Sunday again we did nothing, Nick is really sick and has been for over a week so we didnt get to church this morning. So we slept in well I was just getting to bed and around 10 I got back up to cook breakfast. Then it was family time, we played xbox and the boys got to shot the bb guns. So we had a blast and it was time for me to get back to sleep, and Nick took the kids to his dads house to spend the night since tomorrow is Braxtons last day being out of school... I am was working but got off early, yes worked 2 hrs now I get to sleep with my hubby. So tomorrow I am hoping to get the house cleaned from out weekend at home and get all our laundry finsihed since I didnt have to work all night... 


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tinsley Reece Ferrell

Tinsley Reece is in April's (my sister n law) belly as I type this...  April is 32 weeks pregnant, well I type this cause she has had several problems and we are needing prayers. At 26 weeks April was at work and she start leaking fluid, she was in the hospital for the weekend then sent home on bed rest. Going to the dr two times a week one for ultrasound and other to see ob. After the hospital stay Tinsley was not growing like normal and they wanted to watch her more, so she now has two ultrasounds a week and seeing ob once. April now has inner intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) so at 3 weeks Tinsley should weigh around 4lbs and is only weighing 2lbs at the most. So other test have been not she we are not sure 100% if Tinsley has any other problems after birth but we do know we are looking at a hospital stay of 4 to 6 weeks. That is only with her size cause they are taking her in 2 weeks. April has lost almost all the fluid around the baby and also the baby is not getting the right amount of blood flow thru the cord and not enough oxygen. Her ob said right now Tinsley is better off on the inside than out but I am not sure... I am not a dr but I dont nothing to happen to this tiny miracle, April and my brother tried for 3 years to have a baby and fianlly after misscarriages and surgery to remove ovary she got pregnant with Tinsley... So we know she is a miracle baby and she will be a fighter she has already showed us how strong she is... So I am posting this cause we are needing prayers more now than ever... Please lord keep your hand on Tinsley... Here are two pictures I will get alot more once she is here but for now here is April at 32 weeks pregnant (as you can tell she is super small to be 32 weeks)

                                  And here is her tiny smocked dress I ordered her,
                                   it is a preemie and I am so hoping she comes
                                                     home in it :)

I will keep everyone updated!!!! Please please PRAY

Christmas 2010

Here is go and try and recap our Christmas 2010.....
We start off on the 23rd which is Nicks birthday.. We took the kids to his dads house so they could spend the night and we went out with some friends and family. Then we wake up Christmas eve morning and go to nicks dads house for his step moms family breakfast...... Then it is home for only a few hours then we went to my mom and step dads house with my brothers family..... then we were done for that day and then we have Chrsitmas morning just the 5 of us @ home... At lunch we went to my Uncle's house for lunch with my moms family then we went to Nicks dads for Christmas with them then right after that we had to go and have Christmas with the Parkers..... and yes I have to work Christmas night. Not a good time for me.
But I made it and slept the whole day after Christmas :) Here are some pictures of Chrsitmas around here

Brennon opening gifts

 Braxton waiting to see what Santa brought him
                                           Braxton being silly eating icing
                                            from our gingerbread house
 This is how they spend most of the days
 I am pretty sure she is the cutest ever
My amazing three babies ready for church

So things are finally getting back to normal but not 100% cause Braxton is still out of school for a few more days... I am more than ready to get our normal back...... I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and a Amazing New Years... We spent New Years at home, Nick and the boys played xbox and Brooke slept
and mommy worked :)