Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yep that is me... I am so not good at this at all.... With having three kids and baseball every night it is so it has been really hard to get time to sit down and blog... And today has not been a good day thus far cause I have the worst headache and my knee is killing me..  They thing it is the start of arthritis which was not what I was wanting to here from the dr. and that was a few weeks ago and has still been hurting. Well beside all my problems my baby has no more school as of today.... That makes me super sad... Seems like yesterday he was still at home spending all his time with me. And now when he goes back to school he will be in the 2nd grade :(... But I am so proud of him he got a award for most improved hand writing and best listener :) So we will be enjoying baseball most of the summer.. Like the season is over but the tournaments are starting this week and also this week they are taking a team to Franklin TN to play and they want Braxton to be on the team... I almost cried when we were asked I was so excited and proud of my little man. Then after that he MIGHT be on the all star team and then if Brennon's team wins we will taking a tee ball team to the all star tournament as well.... So we will be so busy with baseball. We are taking a small break July 4th and head to the beach. Brennon is getting better each time he plays and is starting to really love to play as well.. And Brooklyn is just LOVES to go to the ball field and watch "her boys" play ball!!!!! As I type this I have pictures being downloaded to the computer and there is 252 so it might take some time ;) but I will try tonight to do a post with just pictures to go along with this update.... Hope everyone has a blessed Wednesday!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baseball busy

I have been so busy with baseball I have not had extra time to do anything. So nothing really has been going on around here. Some sickness with MOMMY which is not good at all. I am kinda getting better but slowly. School and baseball is all we do. Today we have practice then church then tomorrow is baseball again then FRIDAY we have a day of NOTHING... I am super excited!!!!!!!! With baseball Brennon played his last game and did awesome!!!!!!!! And Braxton hit a homerun which was his second one this season!!!!!!! I couldnt be any prouder of my boys. They LOVE playing ball and mommy loves to watch and cheer on my babies! I have tons of laundry to do so I hear the washer and drier calling my name <3 have a blessed day