Sunday, February 28, 2010

picture post

love me some chanel

my new summer purse

I just love this picture of her with her dirty mouth and all

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, I am figuring out this whole MAC thing slowly but I am getting there.. Well, here is a update....
Things around here have been going very well. Braxton went to school today for the 1st time all week cause of snow. I just cant believe he is almost out of school. I had to pay for this cap and gown for Kindergarden grad. No way not my 1st baby, well guess so. He is growing up so fast and it scares me. I wish I could push a button and it just stop all three of them where they are at right now but I know I cant so we will enjoy every moment while we can.
Brennon is wonderful I mean GREAT.. No headaches and that is with NO meds.. I am so excited to be able to type that. He is getting bored being at home while Braxton is at school. I hate this but I am not sure what I should be doing with him...
Brooklyn is getting to be such a BIG GIRL.. And its crazy cause she is still so tiny. She is 18 months old and only weighs 21 lbs. I am sure that both of the boys weighed that much before they even turned one. She is going to be tiny like her mommy. I am ok with that as long as she is healthy...
I am very proud of the kids they are the best thing that has ever happen to me. Well, tomorrow is just another day but I am getting my hair done and I cant wait.... I think I am going to get it cut shorter and I know for sure I want darker with really blond highlights. I will try and post a picture tomorrow after I get it done. Time for bed..... Good Night and hope you have a wonderful Friday

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New computer

I am so excited!!!! We got a Imac today and so far I am loving this thing, but dang it is alot the learn...
Well, snow snow and more snow that is what we have had going on around here. Monday no school, just me and kids hanging out at home. So we went and payed in the snow for like an hour but after that it was nap time cause we were so cold. Today was a wonderful day cause Nicks mom came over really early to stay with the kids while me and Nick went shopping.... So we got the computer, printer, ipod touch, tv for our bedroom and some clothes.. Where you asking???? We used our income tax money.
Since I have been up since 6am I am so sleepy and I am still trying to figure this computer thing out. Going to try and post pictures but gotta see how too... Yay I got one on here so that is good for me.. Bedtime. Have a wonderful Wednesday..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another snow day....

ok I will start out by saying I have tried three different times to upload pictures in this post and it keeps saying failed and I am getting mad... Well, today we woke up to it snowing... So we turned on the tv only to see that Granny (Nicks step mom and Director of schools here) had called off school for the day... Wow we could go back to sleep. So, today we did nothing at all. Well Nick went and work with his dad for a few hours but it was so so cold he didnt work long. 
Well, after about lunch time all the snow was gone. So he will go to school tomorrow and I am kinda glad. We have alot planned this weekend.... So tomorrow is the last day to lay around and be lazy and let me tell you that is what we will do. I mean we will be in pjs all day... Those are the best days ever, hanging out with the kids. Well, I dont really have much to say since I was going to post a few pictures in this post but I just tried again and it will not let me.. So, have a great night and a wonderful Thursday....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

loving Jesus

Well, it has been a while I just dont feel like posting lately... I know once the kids are bigger I will regret it but for now I am so tired and seems to have so much going on. Well, I am needing to vent some
Why cant people just live their lives and not worry about other peoples... I mean I am a wife to Nicholas and very happy being this and a mommy to out three B's and I could ask for anything more.. Some people I think hate that they cant feel this way so they try and hurt us, well I dont think it will work, or tonight I am praying to the Lord that we dont let this crap hurt our amazing family. I just wanna cry sitting here right now... I feel like that is the only way I will feel better. I have noone I can call and talk to and damn it its getting old and really sucks....
I long to have that one friend that I do everything with and tell everything too.... ok well I am done being a whiny baby..
So My Three B's are wild and just wonderful..
Braxton was out of school for several days cause of snow and I enjoyed the time we got to spend with him, I am sure that Brennon enjoyed him being here the most. I look forward to picking him up from school so he can tell me how his day went and what all he has done... He is doing great in school and I know he is ready to get out in May... We signed him up for coach pitch baseball and I am worried and hoping everything goes good. This will be his 1st year to play so this is why I am kinda worried. I know everything will work out..
Brennon is most def my wild child..... Crazy is the one word I would use for him... But we love it cause he is his own self and thats awesome. He really misses his big brother while he is at school, he can not wait till it is time for us to go and pick Big brother up from school... We also signed Ben up for tee-ball. This will be his 1st year playing too but this is the 1st year he can play... I think he will have a blast... I am ready for all this to start. I know with Nick working I will be busy...
Brooklyn is such a big now.. She is getting around very well and I am happy cause I dont have to hold or carry her as much. She is getting some of her back teeth so kinda fussy and has had a fever. Right now she also has a rash all over her whole body, I am kinda waiting till tomorrow and see what she looked like to see if we will make a dr appt. She loves playing in the boys room, and I get a huge smile on my face when I see all three of them together.
So, me and Nick have been married for 6 years on the 7th of this month... Yeah so with everything that is being said right now things seem kinda different between us but we are good... I cant believe how fast these 6 years have flown by... Three kids later.... So there is our update and I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.... Praise Jesus for everything he has given me and my family....