Friday, January 29, 2010

long time

Well as you can see I changed the background again... I didnt like the other one cause the middle was brown and it was hard to read what I was writing unless I always changed the color. So here is this one.. I am very girly and have been called high mantenance, so this fits me... PINK AND POLKA DOTS!!!!
Well, things are some calmer around here. I have so much on my mind lately for some reason I have not been wanting to eat for the past 4 or 5 days. I have no idea why.. Well, funeral is over and it was so hard to see him, I already miss him and he was such a wonderful father and he was so good with the kids....
Well, as of now Nicks brother is still living with us. It is going good and I am glad that we can be here for him. So now Nicks mom now owns a house that Nicks step dad lived in. Ok going back Nicks step dad and mom were no longer together. But she was married to him almost all of when Nick was growing up so he will always be his step dad. So David (nicks stepdad) and Nicks brother Josh lived in Murfreesboro together so this is why Josh has been staying with us. So now that he died the house goes back to Nicks mom cause that was something in the divorce papers. So now she is remarried and has a place, and Nicks brother really cant live on his own right now. He is in school and only 19 years old. So now thing is if we would like to move to Murfressboro in that house and live with Josh there but without paying any rent. Because he house is almost paid for. So it will be same size as the one we are in now but I just dont know.. Free no rent at all saids so so nice. Well, so that is on our minds now. Here is a pic of David(nicks step dad), Becky( nicks mom) and Josh (nicks brother) and Cat Josh's girlfriend and me and the boys before we had sissy. Rest in Peace David you are truly miss.......

Other than that things are normal well I would say normal today. So far we have like 5 inches or more and the snow is still coming..... So we have been stuck inside all day and I am going crazy. I did get some cleaning done but dang I wanna get out of this house. I am hoping tomorrow... I will try and post pictures from the snow tomorrow.... Have a safe and blessed weekend.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Needing prayers

Well, our good weekend came to a stop this morning when I was woke up from my phone ringing.. It was Nicks mom and I could tell she was upset but wanted to talk to Nick. So, I just laid there and finally after he got off the phone. We were told that Nicks brother Josh his father had passed away, at one time David was Nicks step dad and helped raise Nick so he meant alot to our family. Well, I kids loved him and we have not seen in a while. Well, he was in the in good health. Got sick what dr thought was the flu. and then took blood and it showed he had a heart attack. So, they pout him in icu to watch him and he was getting better from what we were told, well this morning one of his heart monitors went off and the nurse went in there and woke him up and asked if he was ok and if he was in any pain and he said yeah he was good and he was not in any pain at all. And she turned around to walk out and before she could get out the dr he flat lined.. They tried to bring him back but there was nothing they could do because Our amazing God, called his name. So Nicks brother is here with us tonight because he is only 19 years and still in school, so things are hard right now around here so please we are needing all the prayers... Thank you and God bless
will update again soon

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Amazing Saturday

Yep the title says it all!!!! I had a great day... I got to sleep in and then we just layed around and didnt do much. It was then time to start getting ready for little Nate's 3rd birthday party. They had the party at Bounce u and we have never been there. So, it was really nice and let me tell you that the boys had a blast. I mean they had so so much fun... Plus I was so excited that Brooke and Abby got to be together too.. And the most important and the best part ever is that I saw my BEST friend of all time.... I just love seeing Traci and her babies.. Abby finally warmed up to me and I just loved loving on her.... She is so tiny but man she is a hot mess for real.... Brooke was so shy and man I cant wait till see gets use to Abby and Traci.... Cause yep we will be spending tons of time together. Here is a picture of the birthday boy!!!!!!!! He was so cute blowing his candles out....

                          Here is Braxton coming down the biggest slide they had, and he loved it

                                                              Here is Nate opening a gift
So, all in all the was a wonderful party. Me and the kids had a good time. Brooklyn even got in the jumper and jumped some....
So, I am ready for a great day of worship, me and the kids already have our clothes out and we are ready for church. After church I am really hoping that the kids will go home with Papa..... I am really needing a mommy day so we will see, if not I enjoy them being at home. We have no school on Monday..... So we enjoying all this time together... I have the best family and friend ever... 
Brennon has had two headaches today, so this is no fun.... And I am kinda wondering why. Traci asked at the party if it would cause him to have one and I was like nah.... Yeah right mommy, I guess it did.. Then we get home and he is sitting on the couch and he just falls off in the floor and hits his head so yeah he had another one... After  meds he finally calmed down... Now we are all ready for bed... Have a wonderful weekend....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

loving me some mckmama

I have been following MckMama for several  months now. And tonight wow this was the best post I have ever read... This lady knows how to write.... Check it out if you have kiddos.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our weekend wrap up

Well, I will start off by saying we all getting back on track to healthy.... FINALLY, that was wonderful to be able to say. Well, our weekend has been really good. It has been spent inside most of the time cause of snow and man it is super cold. Today I didnt get up and make it to church with the kids (they were with papa) So, around 12 they came and then we ate lunch then took a nap. Then we got up and I done some laundry and then made supper, and it was back to church.. Well, like always we were late, I wonder if I will ever be on time to anything.... Well, then we visited with several people then it was back home for this

Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it was time to relax and get some mommy and babies time in... So that is just what we did, I was in the floor with them for an hour... It was awesome and I just love those moments they are the best!!!! And Brookie already in bed and boys are waiting on daddy to get home.
Once again NO SCHOOL tomorrow for snow... I am kinda ready for Braxton to go back, cause not so much going on around the house.. Thats awful for me to say. Well, I am guessing that is all we did for the weekend and this week we have one doctor appt. Brennon has to go to Nashville on Wednesday for a check up with his headache dr... Then next week are test and I hope we finally get some answers..
Today I checked the mail (that is not something I do very often) and we got this

Yay, I am so excited about this. This is my best friends little boys 3rd birthday party. Nate is turning 3. He party is going to be at Bounce U, I cant wait till Saturday, for the kids to finally get together after not seeing each other in forever. Plus, I can not wait to see the only true true best friend that I have... Traci is always there for me. Its funny because no matter what she is there and we just found each other and things have been wonderful since day one.... I actually, am really thinking about moving close to her so we can be closer... I am having to talk to the hubby about this one... I just love her so much!!!!!
Here are a few more pictures. Enjoy and time to do my last load of laundry then I am off to bed.

yeah this is Brooklyn walking
she is walking more and more everyday but still not all the time, she is so lazy :}

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Sometimes I wonder why... and I am asking God right now that question. So here is the story
Well, we are renting a house for a lady Nicks dad knows, we moved here in October. Well, she said we didnt pay her last month and we did the check cleared my bank. And also told his dad that she needed to up the rent. Ok for one the house we live in is a older but nice house. It only has one bedroom and a office. So the boys room is the office, which all in all sucks but heck Brooke dont even have a room and that sucks even more. I dont feel like the house is worth more than we pay now, I am not paying more for this house. I dont know maybe I am just mad and things will blow over, but dang I just want to get OUR house....... The house we will be in for a while. You know, this renting and moving all the time is getting super old. 
We own a large house which the house payment is $1200 a month and we are renting it out cause we cant pay it since Nick does not work with his dad anymore, and also Nicks dad still owns our 1st home which was a trailer that he remodeled and someone is renting it out as well. I want to go back to our 1st house but I dont think his dad wants to tell the people they need to get out. You know.... So, I am just aaaahhhhhh right now and I want know what we are going to do. So please be in prayer for us while we figure out what we are going to do. Kids are feeling better buy still not 100% not yet they are getting there. We have a doctor appt on the Wed for a check up with Brennons headache doctor in Nashville, so hope things go well there. Well, I am just going to lay down and try and get some sleep and stop worrying about things... But please say prayer for our family..... Good Night

Friday, January 8, 2010

Let it snow

Yay we finally got some snow here are a few pictures....
Here me and Nick were outside on the snow and we made a fire!!!

This is me and my baby as we know the snow!!!!!
Well, we finally got snow and the kids were so happy.....

Well, Brennon has not a good day today... He just cries in pain ever so often and there is nothing I can do for him. He has been in the bed since 6pm.. So that tells you that he doesnt feel good at all...
Brooke is getting the same sinus infection he is so I have been giving her meds too and she went to bed at 8pm and she seems to be feeling some better.. We will see how everyone feels tomorrow.. I just want my babies to get better. And it does not seem like that is working in my favor. Or I wish I could help them in some way... So Braxton went to Papas and played in the snow while Ben, Brooke and mommy stayed at home in the warm. Tonight my brother and sisternlaw came over and we played some cards.... Nick went to bed at 8pm and Braxton is still up watching tv, so I am the only one up and man is it nice to sit down here and someone not coming up to me going mommy mommy mommy.... I am drinking me some hot chocolate and fixing to take a hot bath, I dont think it gets any better than this.
Please pray for a close friend of mine today she got fired and it is over some drama. I just dont understand why bigs girls cant grow up, we are not in high school any more, you have a life and everyone else does too so worry about your own and not everyone elses... Well, I know Amy is to good for all that crap and she will find something better.....
Well, I guess that is it for the Parkers

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Doctor appt #1

Well, I was so worried going into the doctors office this morning. I am just always thinking of the worst and yeah I know I should never do that but I know no different. So, we got there just me and Ben. He was great, I just love when I get to spend one on one time with my babies. Anyways, so after getting called back he got weighed and he is my big man at 34lbs... So when we get in a room we had to wait forever.... Uhh  I hate this cause the kids are so bored and just ready to get everything over with. So, after like a 20 min wait she finally came in and she just looked at Ben and said poor little guy, are you not feeling good. She was right but I didnt think nothing about it he has a cold and stuff but nothing bad you know. Well, I was wrong, he has a bad ear infection and a sinus infection, so we have to treat all this before we can have blood work drawn... Because his white blood cells with be high and his red blood cells will be low, or something like that. Ok, so I am not good at all this medical stuff.. Well, so we talked and I just told her how I was so worried and she said that he could have           juvenile arthritis, and he could not have it as well, so we are just waiting it out... Well we made a appt for two weeks from today the 19th of Jan to go back and then we are going to the lab and get blood and run the test that is needed... So, I was really hoping to get some answers today but it didnt happen. Also, Ben has been having random fevers and it is not like because he is sick.. So, we talked about this and I need to check his temp about twice a day for two weeks and we will go from there. So poor little man seems to always be sick. I hate it because I can not do anything that seems to help him. Well, today mommy had court. I got pulled over speeding and I only got a warning but I didnt have proof of insurance so I had to go and show proof... Yeah so that was exciting but I was lucky that it didnt take that long. Other than that we have had a lazy night, after supper, the boys started playing the xbox and Brooke went to bed early so, here I am... Time for me time....
Have a great Wednesday.... and here in TN we are hoping for snow Thursday.... We are praying and doing our snow dance around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Brennons Dr appt

Well, nothing new here. I call the doctor first thing this morning and the nurse said that our doctor was out sick so they would try and get him in for test tomorrow.. I am ok with that because me and Ben have just been laying around all day. We both are sick and it is no fun.....Try and post more tonight

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Amazing weekend but not looking forward till Monday

Well, we have had a awesome weekend, but man was it cold here in Tn! I feel like and told Nick yesterday that if it was going to be below 20 degrees then we better have alot of snow... But that is not the case here. Saturday morning it snowed a tiny bit... Well, as you can see I have picked our camera back up and tonight for come reason I would put it down... I only have two kids with us tonight. Braxton is staying with Papa (Nicks dad) that way tomorrow when I have to take Brennon to dr that I will only have to take 2 kids and not 3. Anything helps out tons.... Well, for me things have been good but then again not so good. Today makes day four of me having a Migraine and nothing I take has been working... But I have learned that sometimes I just have to live with them and this one I am thankful that I can just live with... I know for a fact how much worse they can get so I am hoping I dont get to that point. Well, tonight I went to church and picked up Brennon and Brookyln and when we got home they both were so so excited that daddy was home... He called out of work today. So, after they ate and then it was relaxing time. But really who could relax when mommy has a camera in your face all the time... :) I love it, I just wish I knew what I was doing.. Anyways here is what the boys looked like after dinner.

Yeah here is daddy and Brennon playing xbox live!!! Well, I went on to the princess to take pictures and went I turned around this is what I saw!!!!

Aww my poor baby was so sleepy.. I just think this is the cutest thing ever.....

Well, finally Nick took a break and I told him to take Brennon to our bed and let him rest and then this is what a sick baby looks like while watching tv in mommys big huge bed!!!!

Man I love being mommy.
Oh yeah also check out my new comforter I am in love!!!!!

Well, in between pictures of little man I was busy with Brooklyn so here are the ones I got of her tonight.....

Pretty sure this has to be the cutest thing ever..... I mean ever!!!!

Here she is playing peekaboo with mommy!!!

I love little moments like these

She is getting to be such a baby girl

This is her new toy that Grammy bought her and she loves it... It is a stroller for her baby and yay she is walking with it.... Happy mommy here!!!!!

Look at those eyes.... Mommy baby girl the so beautiful

Well, that is all the pictures I have for tonight. But trust me there will be more.... I can not believe that it is 2010, so I been thinking alot about things I want to improve on for the new year... I came up with a few. Here we go
I want to become a better blogger.....
I want to be a better wife and mommy for my family
I want to learn how to take pictures
We have a great camera but I just push the button, I want to know what I am doing....
So there are a few things I will be working on... Tomorrow morning I have to get up and call and make Brennon a dr appointment so they can run more test... I am just sitting at the table right now listening to Chris Tomlin and man I just love his music... Right now he is singing "its all about you Jesus" this is so true so whatever these test results say it is all about you Jesus
Well, mommy took Tylenol pm so yep it has not done much for my headache but it sure has man me sleepy.....So, Goodnight and I wish each of you a blessed 2010 year......
I will post tomorrow when we hear something about Brennons test results... Keep praying and God Bless

Friday, January 1, 2010

Waited as long as possible

Well, I am going to have a hard time with this post. So, if you been reading my blog you know about Brennon already having Mirgrianes and has to take meds daily to control them. Well, I took him for his three year old check up and the Dr and I were talking and Brennon has these pains at night some times. I mean they are bad pains to where mommy and daddy can do nothing to help him.. Which as for us that is so hard. Well, the doctor said that since he has other health problems then she wanted to run test. Just to make sure.. So we did and I got a call on New Years Eve. Which I thought was crazy cause the office was closed but she still called me. Well, all she said was that first thing Monday morning I need to call and make a appt. they need to run more test on him. Well, she didnt say anything about the results of the test they already ran. So, I am worried now. I feel like something is wrong. I can not stop thinking about it. And I have been doing alot of thinking, he gets a random fever alot and I wonder if that has anything to do with what he has going on, or am I just being a crazy mom. I just dont now what to o, say anything, I feel like I am on auto pilot. Like I am just here. Well, today I have been cleaning most of the day trying to keep busy so I wouldnt think about the different things that could be going on with him. So, tonight I went to Walmart alone just me. So, me being the truck alone I turned the radio off and it was just me and The Lord. I cried.... It is actually a good time for me. It helped me alot to get that out. So, as of then I gave it all to the Lord, it is hard but I know that he will only do what is best for my family. He is in control, all the time no matter what. So, as I go to sleep tonight please say a prayer tonight for Brennon and our family.....