Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So busy around here

We have been so busy that I have not had time to blog, I usually sit down right before I go to bed or while I am in the bed and blog about our day but that has been hard since as soon as I get in the bed I am out so sleepy.. So, I had to take time today and sit down and do a post. Today here is really nasty and rainy :( But I guess that will give me time to get things done around the house. Well Easter around here was awesome... The kids got new pillow pets from the bunny man himself. Braxton got a turtle Brennon got a frog and Brooklyn got a bunny. After that we all got ready for church and I failed cause I didnt get a picture of the kids and after church we went to Nicks dads house and ate lunch and they had a Easter egg hunt for the kids. Then it was back home for a nap then we enjoyed our night outside playing baseball and just hanging out. The day before it was so pretty outside and we knew we wanted to do something fun with the kids but couldnt figure out what so near where we live there is a damn called Walter Hill so we took the kids there and let them play and they had a blast. Then we all went to lunch then back home. So, we had a GREAT weekend... Yesterday was normal I had some housework done then it was off to the baseball fields. And that is pretty much what our week looks like.. BASEBALL. But with it raining today, they will call off tonights game. Then we should have games on Thursday, Friday two games Saturday then a make-up game on Sunday.. Yes that is when you know it is summer time and baseball season cause we live at the ball fields. But my boys love it so that is all that matters. I guess that is about all we have done so I will post some pictures and then get some laundry done... Have a wonderful and blessed Tuesday!!!!!

My babies at Papa's house

 Tinsley (my brothers baby girl)

 Best Friends
 Braxton getting ready to bat
 at choir practice at church

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pre Easter Weekend

We had a nasty Friday and Saturday but Sunday was so nice outside and worked out perfect cause Nicks aunt was have a Easter egg hunt for his moms side of the family. We didnt go to church cause hunt was at 12 and there was no way we would have made it back in time so we enjoyed the morning hanging out around the house being super lazy. Then we headed to Aunt Donna's house. When we got there the kids played outside with some toys and waited for all the little ones to show up. Once everyone was there they thought it would be best to let the kids hunt the eggs first then we would do pictures then crafts and eat. It went great and all three kids had a blast. Braxton got a ton of eggs along with Brennon and Brooklyn was just out there looking cute like always :) in her new adorable Easter dress I ordered off ebay. Then we took several family pictures then the kids were getting bored fast so they went around back and dyed some eggs, blew bubbles and dont some other crafts along with playing on the swing set and all the outside toys. Then it was food time and kids had chicken nuggets and adults had hotdogs and fruit... it was really yummy :) Then we came back and was enjoyed some more time outside just letting the kids play.... Then today and been another day where we have just sat around the house, I have done some housework but other than that much of nothing has been going on around here.. I really days like this, I have the windows up and doing some cleaning.... So glad it is SPRING time..

Brennon running to find Easter eggs

Braxton hunting for Easter eggs

Nicholas and myself after the Easter egg hunt

Brooklyn looking for more Easter eggs

Found one!!!!!

Mommy little princess
Cant believe how big he is getting....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rainy Weekend

 Braxton right before baseball practice
 Brennon watching a movie
         My Brookie with crazy hair
 These 3 are my life
 right before we went had family pictures
 Daddy and the kids
 Brennon before his tee ball game
Me right before heading to the ball field... <3 this time of the year

It has been so rainy and nasty out here today so we have done nothing at all but stay inside and be super lazy. And I have loved every second of it.
Tonight I made tacos for supper and man they were so awesome, my brother little boy came to spend the night with the kids tonight and it is midnight and they are still going.... Never slows down at all, I wish I had all that energy. We had another baseball game tonight for Braxton but since the rain we didnt play then Brennon had a game in the morning and they have already canceled it. It is sad but I am excited that they got canceled cause this means weekend at home doing nothing at all and let me tell u that is very much needed around here. So, I guess that is all I have for now. Oh wait my mom and step dad left tonight to fly to Germany for almost a month and I am so worried but I am posting on here so she can see what all we have been doing and see pictures of all the kids.... I am so going to miss here and really going to miss talking to her so much.. But this is such a awesome experience for them and I am so glad they are getting to go and see everything over there together. I love you mommy and Jim and be safe and I cant wait till you get back.... I have another post ready for Brennon tee ball team but I am getting so sleepy so I will finish it tomorrow... Good night all and please keep my mom and step dad Jim in your prayers

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Super busy

Wow we have been so busy with baseball and church. Everyday we either have a game or practice for either the boys. So Braxton has played two games and won both if them. Brennon had his first game Saturday and they win as well... I am such a bad mom I have not got any pictures if them at all so Brennon plays tomorrow and then Braxton plays Friday so I plan on take pictures for both of them... Plus baby girl in her support shirts for her boys and I ALS got her matching bows ;) I am so excited for her to wear them...... But I am so sleepy so I am heading to bed... Hope you all have a blessed Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

We had such a great weekend... And LOVED the sunshine :)

Friday Braxton had another scrimmage game then after that we headed home for a lazy night laying around house. Then Saturday it was so pretty outside... Mommy spent some time cleaning then we went out and flew kites for a little while then it was time for us to head to church and have family churches made... And I was in love with our pictures, I can wait to get them back.. The kids did awesome and were smiling so big...
then Saturday after pictures Nicks dad took the kids back to his house so they could play and spend the night
so me and Nick went out with my mom and Jim, 1st went meet them at a pool hall and played some pool for a few hrs then to was supper time.... We went to Samurai's and had a blast...

  • Here is me and the hubby at dinner before they started cooking for us

. then it was back home and bed  before church time. Then yesterday was so warm and sunny so after church we went to Nicks dads house where Granny (Nicks step mom) cooked a pot roast, corn, beans and mac & cheese.... oh it was so good. Then it was home for the Parkers and we played outside all afternoon until around 6pm and my brother and his family came over so we could grill out burgers and let all the boys play some baseball. After that it was bath and bed so once the kids were in bed, me and Nick went outside and picked all the toys up and cleaned up everything, then it was bed time for mommy... After such a wonderful I was ready for bed. Today Nick is working and Braxton is at school studying for T-CAP testing and me, Ben and Brooke are being lazy just hanging out. We have storms that are coming in so it is so windy.... I might go and get some groceries later tonight but I am not sure depends on weather but other than that we have nothing planned and it is the only night this week we have nothing plan at night and I am pretty excited about that. I hope everyone has a awesome day