Saturday, July 31, 2010


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we are so so slow at work tonight so I got the time to update my blog...
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busy busy life I have had

Wow I have tons to update so I guess i will get right into that.........
WE MOVED, I am so happy to say that, we moved a few weeks ago and are finally starting to get settled in. We actually moved into the house I grew up in. I lived in this house for 20 years before my parents got a divorce and then I meet Nick. Well needless to say we are so much happier here. We have tons of more room, Brooklyn never had a room at our other house so it was awesome to be able to get her a room with all her things and mommy get to decorate it all girly. She is really loving her new room and sometimes she does not even want the boys to go in her room, she will scream NOOOOOO. I just love it. We sure do have a little girl with lots of attitude (I have no idea where she could get that from)... Well, with the up coming months we have all the kids birthdays coming up. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH madness. I am excited but I dont really wanna have a party but for my babies I will do it. First will be Brooklyn's she will be turning two on the 9th of August and I am having her party on the 14th. So I will be blogging about that soon.
My boys are getting so big it is really freaking me out. Braxton will be 6 and the things he does just amazes me. When school starts back which it will in a few weeks, he will be going into the 1st grade. I am alittle worried cause he will be going to a new school but I hope everything works out for my baby. We went tonight and signed him up for fall ball in baseball and he was really excited. He just loves playing and I love watching him so that is a win win for us. While we were there we asked Brennon and he said he did not want to play :( I was hoping that he would wanna play as well but he said no and we didnt say anything else about it. In the new house the boys are still sharing a room and they wouldnt have it any other way. They really enjoy being in the same room. They have gotten really close over the summer, Brennon will be sad when Braxton goes back to school. Well me and Nick are still just mainly working. I am working 9pm till 530am. I am really loving working from home and getting to see the kids still during the day. I dont really get that much sleep but I am getting use to it. I am making it so it is all good. Nick moved inside Verizon he now works for the Tech support team and so far he is really liking it. We are really blessed that we both have jobs and not only just jobs but jobs that we really enjoy. I am really wanting to change my blog background and do a header but where do I get the time. I am putting that on my to-do list so we will see if it gets done or not. I almost wanna pay someone to do it. :) I am really lazy....... Well I guess that is all the updates for now I am going to try and post some pictures soon. I hope everyone has a blessed Saturday....