Monday, June 6, 2011

update on Brennon

Well as always I tell you that I will update and then I never do... but with three kids and baseball I dont have time for anything. So here I am taking time from our laundry to update the blog. We went to the neurologist two different times. The first time they done a few test and everything came back normal and we were so happy.... Then our 2nd trip was to have a EEG just to make sure there were nothing in that little brain of his. So, Friday we went in on only 4 hours of sleep (per doctor, not mommy ;) And they start his testing around 10:30 and we didnt get out of there until around 1pm yes that was so long. BUT MY LITTLE MAN DID AWESOME!!!!!
And even better his EEG came back NORMAL!!!!! and we are praising the lord for each blessing he has gave us... So right now we are just going to watch him and hope and pray that he does not have any more seizures. SO that is all for my Benny!!!!!