Friday, January 13, 2012


This morning we took the dreaded trip to the dentist... But when we got there the kids loved it! Arcade Playroom what kid wouldn't
Braxton is 7 and still has not lost any teeth, but his permanent teeth bottom middle two had already came thru so that means having the two baby teeth pulled. I am pretty sure he was good with getting put to sleep but this mama was a wreck! But they gave him some meds to make him sleep, then about a hour later they came and got him to take him back. After about a hour they brought him back to me still kinda druggy. They also had to put two caps on back teeth. Brennon's teeth were perfect had X-rays and everything looked awesome and the same with Brooklyn her teeth were perfect!!!! So after we got home took a nap and now Braxton seems to be fine tonight.
It snowed yesterday not a lot but there was maybe a inch on our back porch and the kids are begging to go out and play in it. I miss those days. Pretty sure we will have a low key pj wearing weekend.