Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lots of changes

The title says it all.. Life has changed so much in the past four months. Me and Nick are no longer together. I have thought about writing this post for about two months and feel like it is time. I really am not going into lots of detail about what happen but mistakes were made and lessons have been learned thru all this.. But most important we are civil for our kids sake and we are getting along great.. So things have been really hard on us both mainly thru the holidays but we are making it with this new normal we call life. Enough of all that now I wanna catch up on my babies :)
Braxton is getting so big its unreal Brennon is so loving and keeps my heart smiling at all times and Brooklyn couldnt be more like me each day and is def a princess... My babies have kept me going thru all this craziness. Without them gosh who knows what I would have dont.. Christmas was perfect kids had a awesome one and I wouldnt have it any other way. I dont have long but now that I am settling into this new life just me and my kids I will be doing alot more blogging and I look forward to that.

God Bless All