Monday, August 2, 2010

I have been working so so much lately. It is starting to get kinda old. but you gotta do whatever it takes to make money these days. Today me and the kids had a awesome day outside, plus Nick got off early so that is always a wonderful thing. Around noon my brother brought his little boy over to play with the boys, they had a blast. As soon as Nick got home I came inside to take a nap. Working 3rd shift is hard. But I think I am finally getting use to it somewhat. Wow it is August. I can not believe that summer is pretty much over and it is time for Braxton to go back to school. Makes me kinda sad. Not sure which one makes me sadder that he is going into the first grade or that he will not be here with us during the day anymore. I love being here with them even thou when I am relaxing from staying up all night and they are wild I still enjoy them so so much. With that I have the best kids ever and I just enjoy every second of being a mommy....
With us moving Braxton will be going to a new school. I hate it cause he already had friends with the other school. I know with him being so young it will not take him no time to make new ones but it still gets to me. He will be going to the I went to from Kindergarten to 8th grade, it will be Westside. They have so many new teachers I dont even know how his teacher will be. I am hoping that we get lucky like we did last year and he gets a awesome teacher.  Well my shift is over and it is early in the morning and I am off to bed. I hope everyone has a awesome and blessed Monday.

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