Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Braxton Sean Parker

Here is the birthday boy the morning of his 6th birthday

I cant not even begin to type this... My baby, 1st born is already 6 years old. That makes me so so sad. But I am one so proud mommy. Braxton is such a blessings.
What is he up to these days
He is in the 1st grade and loving every minute of it, but is glad when Mommy picks him up everyday. He is ready to come home.
He plays baseball like he is in the pros and soon will be starting basketball and he loves playing sports so much, as soon as we get home from school he starts playing and telling me that he has to practice.
We have not took him to the doctor for his check up, I can not wait to see how tall he is and how much he weighs. He is getting so big each and everyday.
Braxton, I could not have wished for a better 1st born. U are my world my whole life and I am so thankful to say I am your MOMMY.....

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