Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kinda Jealous

The title says alot but not really, I am real jealous... And about what you are asking.... Nick got shoert term Friday from work.. You know that means he doesnt have to work for 4 weeks and still gets paid 100%. For real I am super jealous of him. I am still working and have to keep working. Well I am very thankful cause he is helping me with the kids and I get tons of more sleep cause I am not having to get up with the kids after he would leave for work. Things like that, I am so thankful for cause it is really hard working 3rd shift and then having tog et up during the day with kids. Plus he said that he would get stuff done around the house while he is off. That alone excites me... I get help with the kids plus housework. I am not sure if it gets any better than that ;)
Well, we had a sickness around here. Poor baby girl and here is the story on that
last Saturday we had the boys birthday party at our house and Nicks dad and step mom took Brooke with them when they left and she spent the night. Sunday I went to his church to pick her up after I took the boys to toys r us so they could spend their birthday money. Anyways his dad told me that sissy got fish hooked... I was like do what, he then told me that she got a metal hanger stuck in her mouth.. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!
right that is what u are saying right now, yeah that is what I was saying too. Anyways she was real fussy when we got home and I thought she was really sleepy so I gave her a bath and off to bed she went, then the next morning she had a fever and she face was kinda swollen. I gave her meds for fever and it would go down but as soon as meds wore off it would come back. Tuesday she woke up and her face was really swollen, so I called the dr and got her a appt. When we got there she was ok but still not feeling good at all. Had a fever of 100.8 which was lower than it had been so that was good but still a fever. Dr came in and we talked I told her everything. Brooke hadnt been eating and with the swelling I thought it was from the hanger thing. Well, dr told me that she said a infection in her mouth so they put her on meds and the next two days were awful, for us taking care of her and lord I know for her was really bad.. Poor baby cause I couldnt help her at all. Friday she seemed to feel some better but still not alot. then Saturday she was almost normal but we are still giving her the meds till next Friday.. So hoping she is getting back to normal. That was the sickest she has ever been. So if you could pray for her to keep getting better and back to her normal self that would be awesome. Well, this weekend the boys went to spend the night with Nicks dad and I am praying they come back home later today, safe and healthy. They will go to church with him and we will go to our church. I am missing them like crazy. But I know they are having a blast and just LOVE going to Papa's.
Other than that I guess we have nothing new going on around here. Except DADDY IS GOING TO BE HOME WITH US!!!!!! YAY we are all real excited :)
 Have a blessed Sunday and give thanks......

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