Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Well I am beyond failed at blogging... The kids have done so many different things and I have not blogged about them. My last post was a picture of the house Nick and I built when I was pregnant with Brennon. Then we lived in that house for 2 years. Then Nick lost his job which meant we could no longer afford the house payment. Well, we kept the house and have been renting it out. Well the time came and everything worked out and The Parker family is HOME!!!!!! I am still not done unpacking and all that but thats ok cause we are just enjoying being in OUR HOME. And what better time of the year to get our home back... So that is enough with that.
I am still working as a Pre-K teacher and I now have 16 4 and 5 year olds and WOW they give me a run for my money..... Kids are doing awesome
Braxton finally has his 1st loose tooth at 7. He is so so proud and ready for it to fall out.
Brennon loving school and pretty much anything big brother does.
Brooklyn DIVA in the making is all I can say ATTITUDE needless to say Brookie and Mommy butt heads ALOT

And here is my babies 2011 picture with Santa

and P.S promise I am keeping up with my blog :) for the sake of my babies

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