Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School

It is our first full week of school this week... And right now as I type this I am sitting home ALONE
All three kids are at school. It is so quite around here and I am unsure of what I should do. Well I know what I need to be doing... Cleaning while no kids are here to go behind me and mess it all up. But 1st I wanted to post.
Braxton is now in the 3rd grade and since we moved they all are at a new school, but they know so many people at Woodland so they were all excited to start. It does not seem real that I have a child in 3rd grade. But he went last week 4 days and LOVED it so much..

Brennon is in Kindergarten and he went two days last week and after his 1st day he didnt want to leave school and come home. He said he had so much fun it wanted to stay and he was ready to go back.

Brooklyn is in Pre-K ahhh my last baby started school and walked into class like I was not even there, and she along with her brother loved school and didnt want to come home. She went Thursday and Friday morning while the boys were getting ready for school she got so mad cause she wanted to go back to school with them. So, this morning she was so ready to leave mommy and go see all her new friends and play

I am so lucky that they all love school and have tons of friends there. This afternoon we have to take Braxton to see a allergy specialist. He had some blood work done last week and it came back that he has some food allergies as well as airborne allergies. So I am praying we can find out what all he has allergies to so maybe he can get some relief from all the itching he does. Then tomorrow is a big day... One of my closest friends will go to Vandy and have a kidney transplant, so bright and early I will be there for her. Please pray that everything so well. Her mama is giving her one of her kidneys so prays for both Traci and her mama. Then we have cheerleading practice and Baseball is starting back up so back at it we go. I am also fixing to get Brooklyn in a Cheer Camp. We are going to so busy but love letting the kids do what they love to do. I guess that is it for now, I will leaving you with two pictures of the kiddos on their 1st day of school. Have a blessed week :)

This is my favorite my boys walking into school

My princess on her 1st day of Pre-K as well as her 4th birthday

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