Thursday, November 18, 2010

prayers needed

Baby Anna Jane McKee was born today at 26 weeks... She came into this world only weighing 1lb and 14ozs. She was needing a blood transfusion right after birth. Other than that they are just waiting to see how thing start to go. This is my best friends baby and I am trying to get this out and let the world know. We need all you prayer warriors out there on this little girl. I know the Lord has his hand on her and he knows what he has in store for this tiny child of his... I praise and thank him so tiny joy the blessed us with... So please pass this along and tell everyone you know please please....
PS as of now Anna is stable and so is mom (Traci)  is a real bad diabetic and she had high blood pressure, lots of fluid on her and it had no where to go so was going into her lungs and she was going into kidney failure.  So after a month in the hospital the dr knew it was best for mommy so baby Anna is here..
I am going to try and get some sleep after no sleep for going on 48 hrs.. Will keep this blog updated so please check back and please please PRAY!!!!!!!

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