Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wow we have had a busy busy summer, so I am going to do several different post so I am not making one huge post
This one is our vacation to the beach....

We went to PCB and this was Brennon's and Brooklyn's 1st time ever seeing the beach so we were all so excited we left a day early. We left home on Friday afternoon, we drove for about 3 hours stopped and ate supper then drove about another hour and spent the night so we were half way. We all got up around 8 and headed back on the road. We finally got to our hotel around 12 but our room wasn't ready yet so we went down to the beach then headed out for some lunch. After lunch we got our hotel room. I unpacked our things then we headed down to the beach again and the kids played and loved it. Went to the pool for a while then got ready and went out for supper. We went with some really good friends so we were waiting for them to get there since we left the day before them. After they got there we had so much fun.. We didn't do anything but beach and pool everyday. The kids were not ready to go home and neither was mommy and daddy. But we had so much fun and made get memories. We all cant wait to go back next year...

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