Friday, September 18, 2009

busy busy week

finally things are slowing down... Well, I guess I have alot of updating to do. So here I go. Nicks mom got to go home today. I am suoer glad but man I didnt think she was ready but they sent her home anyways. Well, she has had a rough rough week. So all in all she has alot of lung damage and this is why she could not breath on her own and also her oxgyen level were so low that she was nbot getting enough oxygen to her brain so she was crazy... And this was so so scary.... Well, she is home now and we are hoping that things start looking up from here.
So, now to us, well me I have spent the night at the hospital the past 2 nights and man that chair was not comfy. I am so happy to be laying in my bed typing this right now. Nicks was off today so we were so lazy all day. I had a friend come and visit and I was so happy cause I have not seen her in a while. After nap Brennon and Brooklyn woke up with a high fever Brennon was 103 and Brooke was almost that high. So we took meds and layed around... After that me and Nick wanted to go eat and hoping this would make us feel better. So this was great food, but Brooklyn cried almost the whole time. So that was not so so fun. Well, after that we just came home and got ready for bed and here we are. Well, I gave the kids more meds before bed and I am hoping that they wake up in the morning and feel better. So, Nick has to work tomorrow so me and the kids will just stay at home and I will clean and we will just hang out. I am hoping to update more now that things are calm around here. So goodnight and hope u have a great weekend....

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