Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today was another good day here. I am going to make this short I am sleepy but today Brennon was not feeling well so we spent most of the day laying around the house. Brooklyn was with us until it was her nap time and then it was time to go and get Braxton from school. And after that we stayed outside and enjoyed the amazing weather. After that Nick came home and we layed around some more. Then yummy we cooked breakfast food for supper, and it was so so good. Then it was family time so we went on a long walk and the kids got to play on the playground at the school, then we walked somemore and then it was getting dark so we came home and ate ice cream. Then I went to tan and Nick started getting the kids in the bed. Then me and Nick watched Big Brother... I am sad I really like Jeff and Jordan, it sucks. Well, tomorrow we have a followup appt with Brennons headache dr. The meds are working really good... So, hopefully everything will stay going great. Well, Goodnight...

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  1. Hey Emily! Hope the follow up appointment went well with Brennon. I'm sad about Jeff and Jordan, too! You have a cute blog!