Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crazy times around here like always

Well, I am sitting here 1 in the morning and I ahve alot on my mine, cant sleep.... Well, if you follow my blog then you know I kinda have this problem about sleeping all the time, I thought I was getting better but went back to where I sleep all the time. I have been to the dr cause man this is crazy. And I have some to terms with all this that I am just plain lazy. Ok so I know this but what do I do about it? I try adn go to bed early and then get up and get things done around the house but it doesnt really work out. The kids sleep alot too so I just sleep too. I am really trying to change but I am well I just dont know what else to do. Well, I am so over talking about this so what have we been up too? Nothing really just kinda hanging out and being lazy. So, Braxton is on fall break and we are super excited to be able to spend two weeks with him. Brennon's headaches have came back, so we are uping the meds and they seem to helping again. But the Med is a anti-dpression so it does have some side affects but I guess you deal with them and go on. As long as his awful headaches go away then I am ok with that. Well, Brooklyn is still just being lazy and doing her own things. She is not even trying to walk and I am like uhh come on. But I know that she will when she wants too, so mommy just needs to let her do it as she wants too. I think we are all non-sick again and thats a plus. We have several busy things coming up in a coming weeks. Our main one is we are all getting flu shots. Yeah we are always sick so we are getting them. Then we have a few other things we have to get done. Well, I guess that is it, kids are with Nicks dad right now so I done nothing all day, and tomorrow night has to work tomorrow and I am going to clean the carpets and org. some things in the house tomorrow and then when I finally get things done then I gotta go get my babies that right now I am starting to miss so bad. I am really looking forward to me getting the spend a whole week with all three babies and I am hoping that we get to do tons of fun things. Ok well, I am going to finish watching singing bee on cmt then I am off and try and get some sleep. Goodnight and I hope that everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend.......

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  1. Abby isn't walking yet either. It's ok, they will when they are ready. Nate didnt start walking until he was 15 months old. Give it time and they'll be running before you know it. Loves You!