Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New computer

I am so excited!!!! We got a Imac today and so far I am loving this thing, but dang it is alot the learn...
Well, snow snow and more snow that is what we have had going on around here. Monday no school, just me and kids hanging out at home. So we went and payed in the snow for like an hour but after that it was nap time cause we were so cold. Today was a wonderful day cause Nicks mom came over really early to stay with the kids while me and Nick went shopping.... So we got the computer, printer, ipod touch, tv for our bedroom and some clothes.. Where you asking???? We used our income tax money.
Since I have been up since 6am I am so sleepy and I am still trying to figure this computer thing out. Going to try and post pictures but gotta see how too... Yay I got one on here so that is good for me.. Bedtime. Have a wonderful Wednesday..

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