Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another snow day....

ok I will start out by saying I have tried three different times to upload pictures in this post and it keeps saying failed and I am getting mad... Well, today we woke up to it snowing... So we turned on the tv only to see that Granny (Nicks step mom and Director of schools here) had called off school for the day... Wow we could go back to sleep. So, today we did nothing at all. Well Nick went and work with his dad for a few hours but it was so so cold he didnt work long. 
Well, after about lunch time all the snow was gone. So he will go to school tomorrow and I am kinda glad. We have alot planned this weekend.... So tomorrow is the last day to lay around and be lazy and let me tell you that is what we will do. I mean we will be in pjs all day... Those are the best days ever, hanging out with the kids. Well, I dont really have much to say since I was going to post a few pictures in this post but I just tried again and it will not let me.. So, have a great night and a wonderful Thursday....

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