Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well I actually have a good reason for it being such a long time since I have blogged... Yes we have started remodeling the house... We started with building a office on the back so we just this week added windows and hardwood floors... Then with the hardwood but tore up the carpet and I couldnt be happier so glad to get hardwood no more carpet... With three kids and three dogs makes thing kinda nasty and this is so so much cleaner.. I am super excited.. Well after we got the floors done I wanted to repaint so I did that and repainted the trim thruout the house and it looks so much better... I wish I would have took before pictures but I didnt cause one night we were like well lets go get hardwood cause several months ago we put it down in the boys room. But whenever I get some time I cant wait to show you what the house looks like now.... Well another thing is..........................
TINSLEY IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my brother has a baby girl, and I am so happy and proud for them. If you remember when April was pregnant they were saying the baby was super small and things were going wrong so when she was finally here and PERFECT we couldnt be happier :) So mommy and baby are great and I am a proud Aunt again!!!!! And here are some pictures

Here we are right before they took April back for surgery
Trenton(my brother), April(his wife) Austin(their 1st child)
then me and my mom

Tinsley Reece Ferrell
in the hat that I got her

How cute is she :)

Here she is right after she was born

Well I have spent all night cleaning cause we are having a super bowl party tomorrow night so I will be sure to post pictures of that and the house.....
Also we got news that baby Anna would be coming home this coming week.... How awesome is our God
Praise Him!!!!!!!!!

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