Sunday, January 23, 2011

How life can change

Well, I am writing this and not really wanting to but life happens....
So tonight I was talking with he Lord about something I wanted but Nick didn't really know if he wanted it or not, so I said we will give it to the Lord and he will let us know whats BEST for our family and not what I want... That was while I was laying down resting before work.  Well 10pm came and I went to work like normal then 45 mins later my supervisor called my phone and went on to tell me that my closure rate ( % of what I sell nightly) had been really low since I started and he has tried to give me time to get up and I have not yet so they were letting me go..... FIRED??????????????????????????????????????????????? So no more HSN for me.

Yeah so now I have three kids and a family and NO JOB... My heart is hurting cause I don't know what we are going to do, yes Nick works and all but dang a family of 5 we NEED 2 incomes.. and now we will not have that... Well needless to say I got my answer pretty plain from God!!!! Our problem was moving into a larger house (which means larger payment) and Nick was worried and I wanted it.. so God told me what would be best for my family. I am sad and hurt but feel like God has something else out there in store for me.. IS he telling me  I need to go back to school or what... At this point I am so unsure and kinda in shock. I tried so hard at that job cause I knew how lucky I was to be able to work from home.. U know no gas or childcare couldn't get any better than that.. So please please be in prayer for my family as we go thru this new path the Lord has put us on... Thank you in advance and hope you have a blessed Monday

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