Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's 2011

Hope everyone had a awesome Valentine's Day.. I know we did!!!

 Here is my Brooklyn Renee wearing her Vday dress

 Here is Brennon and Brooklyn right before we left to go have a Valentine's Day party with Braxton at school

 Here is the big man himself!!!! This was at school during his party

Mommy and the princess waiting for daddy to get there

We had a wonderful day mommy, Brennon and Brooklyn enjoy hanging out at home and watching movies then at 1pm we all headed to school to join Braxton for his Valentine's Day party with his class... There all 3 kids got the paint a heart for MOMMY :) then They ate cupcakes and fruit then it was time to go home. After the party Nick was done working for the day (which I want to add was super awesome) so the boys were playing xbox and mommy daddy and sissy went and took a small nap... Then it was supper then Bachelor for Mommy... And I will just say I am so happy that Brad sent Michelle home.. Then after the kids went to bed me and Nick layed in the bed and watched TV for a while and just talked which was the perfect ending to our Valentine's Day

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