Tuesday, March 8, 2011

out of the loop

I am such a bad blogger. I tell myself I am going to blog more then I start doing things and never do.
Projects now have been we bought the boys bunkbeds and re done their room and then Brooklyn got the full size bed and we re done her room as well. I also in all of this bought a new dining room table. So yes I am slowly getting things back in order. I got alot done today but still have so much laundry it makes me sick just to look at it. Oh and laundry I have been having a rash for several months and finally decided to change laundry powder and it seems to be helping alot but not fun re washing every thing you own... So I guess that is about it around here, baseball has started up so we are having practice two times a week so between that a church on wed and sun we are super busy 24/7 seems like. I have alot of pictures to upload so I will try and do that soon
Also I bought me a IPAD and I am loving it!!!! and me and Nick both got the iphone and they are great hphones so far... well kids calling my name, hope you have a great day

also I use to work with a girl at a daycare and she was Braxtons teacher and I was here little girl teacher. She is such a wonderful person... I enjoyed getting to know her and becoming friends
Well, over a week ago she went missing and still nothing as of today so please say a prayer for her and her family as they are looking for her praying she is safe and unharmed. Her name is Shelley and she has a 8 year old little girl name Lilli so keep this family in our prayers

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