Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break week

Things are been great around here, I have been so lazy and just have not posted in a very long time. This week is Spring Break and we woke up to some snow, wow crazy TN weather. I think it is going to warm up and be that way for a while so I am praying that Spring time weather will be here to stay. Well, I have been so so busy. I have done like 8 loads of laundry and finally almost done and got everything put and hung up and all rooms cleaned. Dishes done kids had bath and now we are just waiting for bedtime. I am going to bed early tonight. Dancing with stars started tonight and I am recording it but have not started watching it yet. I might curl up on the couch and watch it but dont really know yet.  Well these two are the reasons I wanted to watch the show... I always loved Jon and Kate plus 8 and I really loved the Bachleor this season. So we will see how things go!!!!!!

ok changing the subject but Brooklyn is standing right beside me and she just did this so I have to tell....
Ok so last night after church we had a supper and they had barbque well I look over and Brooke is trying to stick it up her nose, and she will not leave her nose alone after that so I keep wiping it and then I let her down to walk around all she was maybe like 5 feet from me and she sneezed and YES out came barbque... What for real she really had some up her nose, well I just thought it was a one time thing and we went one, well today at lunch they boys were having popcorn and she did it again and again she sneezed it out. Well, just a few mins ago she was standing beside me and she had a paper and was just talking up a storm... Like she was reading it, it was so so cute. I started to blog and then there she goes again, mama NOSE.. That is what she says to me. And she had put paper up her nose. I do not understand why all of a sudden she wants to start sticking things up her nose. I am worried that it is going to be something bad and I will have to take her to the dr.. Lord she has gone crazy!!! Well, I thought you all might get a good laugh of that... Only me and my babies right!!!!
Boys have been playing ball and doing great but wow it is keeping me busy and will only get worse from here on out. I am really enjoying it cause it gives us something to do besides just sit at home. Well, just got all three kids in the bed so I am going to watching my shows I have recorded. Have a blessed Tuesday and I am planning on posting again tomorrow with all the pictures.....


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