Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well, I am going to start writing a journal... Right now in my life I feel like I can not take anymore, and pretty much this is all I am going to say because yeah everyone can read this and I really dont want this kinda of stuff out there. But if you are reading this right now please tonight before you go to bed, please I am begging you to say a Prayer for me... I am needing this more now than ever... I am a young mother of three kids and I am not raising them up the way God wants me too. And I need to change and I want to change so here I am...
Well, our weekend went great I am really to a point where I wish I could never get out of bed.. This is getting so bad. I am really hoping that I can go to see a dr tomorrow morning cause I am at a breaking point. Ok sorry back to our weekend, Saturday we took Braxton to like a coach baseball try-outs. He had the best time ever... Then Sunday we got the call from both Braxton and Brennon's new coaches.. Brennon starts practicing Friday and Braxton starts Sunday, I really need this more than they do I think.  So we are really looking forward to all the fun times to come. So, please again say a prayer for me...
Thanks alot

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