Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baseball has started

I had the best night ever... I loved spending my Friday night with Nick and kids at the ball field...  The boys had a blast and so did me and Nick. This was our 1st time and man was it fun. So we have tons of practice and games coming. We had dinner with some old friends and it was awesome to see her and her family. Then today it was so so pretty here, it was like 65 so we spent the day at Grammy's (Nicks mom) and then I brought my brothers little boy home with us (Austin) So I have a full house tonight and I wouldnt have it any other way. The boys have been awesome tonight..... I am just waiting on hubby to get off work and come home. Tomorrow we have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I am excited because it is for the old friend (Britney) little girl she is having her 2nd birthday party. Well, this coming two weeks will just be us going to ball practice and spending the rest of the time at home.. Trying to save some money.... I am really looking forward to April... the Easter bunny is coming!!!!!!
Then we might be moving yeah I said it, we are moving again.... Well, this time is well I would like to say for good, but I dont really know. But I will say we will be here for a while. Well, the house is special to me cause it is where I grew up and lived until I got married to Nicholas....... And also Nicks mom and my daddy live on same land, so the kids will love living close to Grammy and Pa. I am super excited to live close to Grammy again. So we will see how things work out, right now my brother and sister are living there. But they got offered the best thing ever. A rent to own house that they love so they are hoping first of April they will be able to move in. Right now I can hear the boys talking to each other, not wanting to go to sleep, they want to keep playing. They are talking about what they are going to do as soon as they wake up... Its time like these that are priceless.. I love it!!!!!

Yay I got my signature back!!!!!! Took me a while with getting a new computer but I finally did it and I just love it!!!!!!!!

Benny after his 1st tee ball practice

Bubba right before his 1st coach pitch practice

My sexy Husband getting us gas before we head to another ball practice

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