Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break day 2 plus pictures

Brooke after spending the day with Mommy, 
while the boys were with Papa

I just love her smile!!!!!!

My boys they are so much fun right now!!!! This is them after a birthday party we went to and they got new sunglasses

I am really slow with updating but I am trying.... These are the most recent pictures I have took of the kids... Today it was warmer but still not really Spring like weather but it is getting there. So, we are super lazy all day. We got up and layed around then took a nap then got up and I am cooking supper right now and I am already looking forward to bedtime.... Love days where we all just stay in our Pjs all day. Tomorrow will be busy so I am making sure we dont do anything today. Tomorrow Nick will work then he is off for two days. At 2pm Braxton has ball practice then at 6pm Brennon has ball practice plus we have choir practice and bible study group at church so I am hope I get them to everything but we will see how it all goes.... I really need to make a trip to Walmart today but yeah right that is not going to happen.  Well, I guess I better go and finish supper.. We are having Barbque chicken, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes... Yummy, I am getting so hungry just smelling it cooking, boys are cleaning their room now so hoping it stays that way for the rest of the night but most likely they will be doing it again right before bed. I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday and A blessed Wednesday!!!

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