Friday, April 1, 2011

ready for Spring

We are more than ready for some warmer weather... While Braxton was on spring break we got like 4 days of awesome weather and now its like winter all over again and it is no fun with 3 babies who are wanting to go outside so bad. Plus baseball has started and oh man is it cold at night. Needless to say I AM READY
Well, we have had a really low key week but very thankful it is Friday. Low key but still busy, Tuesday Brennon had a ball practice then Wednesday is church then last night and tonight Braxton has scrimmage games and next weekend baseball season starts. So we are enjoying all the summer things just waiting on the sun ;)
Last night in the scrimmage game Braxton is playing catcher and I just love him in all the gear but I was dug-out mom last night and didnt get to get a picture of him and I am def getting one of my baby tonight. Since it has been so cold Nicks mom has been keeping Brennon and Brooklyn at our house so I dont have to get them out. And it is nice but sad cause poor Brooklyn wants to go watch her boys play baseball so bad, another reason we are ready for warmer weather. Nick is helping coach Brennon and Braxtons team and he just loves it. Time to get out of the house and run some errands...

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