Monday, April 18, 2011

Pre Easter Weekend

We had a nasty Friday and Saturday but Sunday was so nice outside and worked out perfect cause Nicks aunt was have a Easter egg hunt for his moms side of the family. We didnt go to church cause hunt was at 12 and there was no way we would have made it back in time so we enjoyed the morning hanging out around the house being super lazy. Then we headed to Aunt Donna's house. When we got there the kids played outside with some toys and waited for all the little ones to show up. Once everyone was there they thought it would be best to let the kids hunt the eggs first then we would do pictures then crafts and eat. It went great and all three kids had a blast. Braxton got a ton of eggs along with Brennon and Brooklyn was just out there looking cute like always :) in her new adorable Easter dress I ordered off ebay. Then we took several family pictures then the kids were getting bored fast so they went around back and dyed some eggs, blew bubbles and dont some other crafts along with playing on the swing set and all the outside toys. Then it was food time and kids had chicken nuggets and adults had hotdogs and fruit... it was really yummy :) Then we came back and was enjoyed some more time outside just letting the kids play.... Then today and been another day where we have just sat around the house, I have done some housework but other than that much of nothing has been going on around here.. I really days like this, I have the windows up and doing some cleaning.... So glad it is SPRING time..

Brennon running to find Easter eggs

Braxton hunting for Easter eggs

Nicholas and myself after the Easter egg hunt

Brooklyn looking for more Easter eggs

Found one!!!!!

Mommy little princess
Cant believe how big he is getting....

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