Monday, April 4, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

We had such a great weekend... And LOVED the sunshine :)

Friday Braxton had another scrimmage game then after that we headed home for a lazy night laying around house. Then Saturday it was so pretty outside... Mommy spent some time cleaning then we went out and flew kites for a little while then it was time for us to head to church and have family churches made... And I was in love with our pictures, I can wait to get them back.. The kids did awesome and were smiling so big...
then Saturday after pictures Nicks dad took the kids back to his house so they could play and spend the night
so me and Nick went out with my mom and Jim, 1st went meet them at a pool hall and played some pool for a few hrs then to was supper time.... We went to Samurai's and had a blast...

  • Here is me and the hubby at dinner before they started cooking for us

. then it was back home and bed  before church time. Then yesterday was so warm and sunny so after church we went to Nicks dads house where Granny (Nicks step mom) cooked a pot roast, corn, beans and mac & cheese.... oh it was so good. Then it was home for the Parkers and we played outside all afternoon until around 6pm and my brother and his family came over so we could grill out burgers and let all the boys play some baseball. After that it was bath and bed so once the kids were in bed, me and Nick went outside and picked all the toys up and cleaned up everything, then it was bed time for mommy... After such a wonderful I was ready for bed. Today Nick is working and Braxton is at school studying for T-CAP testing and me, Ben and Brooke are being lazy just hanging out. We have storms that are coming in so it is so windy.... I might go and get some groceries later tonight but I am not sure depends on weather but other than that we have nothing planned and it is the only night this week we have nothing plan at night and I am pretty excited about that. I hope everyone has a awesome day

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