Friday, April 15, 2011

Rainy Weekend

 Braxton right before baseball practice
 Brennon watching a movie
         My Brookie with crazy hair
 These 3 are my life
 right before we went had family pictures
 Daddy and the kids
 Brennon before his tee ball game
Me right before heading to the ball field... <3 this time of the year

It has been so rainy and nasty out here today so we have done nothing at all but stay inside and be super lazy. And I have loved every second of it.
Tonight I made tacos for supper and man they were so awesome, my brother little boy came to spend the night with the kids tonight and it is midnight and they are still going.... Never slows down at all, I wish I had all that energy. We had another baseball game tonight for Braxton but since the rain we didnt play then Brennon had a game in the morning and they have already canceled it. It is sad but I am excited that they got canceled cause this means weekend at home doing nothing at all and let me tell u that is very much needed around here. So, I guess that is all I have for now. Oh wait my mom and step dad left tonight to fly to Germany for almost a month and I am so worried but I am posting on here so she can see what all we have been doing and see pictures of all the kids.... I am so going to miss here and really going to miss talking to her so much.. But this is such a awesome experience for them and I am so glad they are getting to go and see everything over there together. I love you mommy and Jim and be safe and I cant wait till you get back.... I have another post ready for Brennon tee ball team but I am getting so sleepy so I will finish it tomorrow... Good night all and please keep my mom and step dad Jim in your prayers

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