Wednesday, August 5, 2009

busy busy

Busy busy is what we will be the nest several days. So things have been really calm just taking Braxton to school then picking him up and then back home to hang out. So, and now well Braxton only has school one more day and then he gets a 3 day weekend. Friday they are out of school and Braxton is super happy. So, all day tomorrow we are getting things ready for another yard sale yeah I know but man I have to get all this stuff out of my garage. So, after this sale I will be taking what I have left to the Goodwill. So, Friday morning we will do yard sale and we are planning on after lunch stopping yard sale and doing some family fun cause Nick has been off.... So, I am really looking forward to these next couple days.... So, the health of my kids is getting better and I am thinking the Lord everyday for this. Brooklyn is getting over the 5th disease rash finally going away and the staph is almost gone but she is still on meds and we will finish them and hopefully she will be good after this. Brennon had no headaches today and I am very happy, so I am hoping that the med is starting to work and help him now. Braxton is great and really liking school or so it seems like it to me. Well, now on to me, I went to the dr today and I had blood work done so waiting on it to come back and hopefully we cant find out some answers to why I am feeling like this. So I am nervous but I am ready to fix what ever is wrong. Nick is laying beside me and finally sleeping he went to work with his dad and when he got home around 6 he felt awful and it only got worse as the night went one. So I think he is getting sick which really sucks cause he really does not take being sick well cause he is really never sick. So we will see how he does when he gets up in the morning. I am praying he gets a good night sleep.
So great news.... The boys have had a twin size bed but it really was not big enough for both of them and plus they never want to sleep upstairs so me and Nick always let them just let them sleep in the floor of our room. So we got a full size bed and we finally got it put up in the room and I went and bought a new sheet so we got home and I took them both up there. And I told them no crying no yelling for mommy and no getting up unless you have to potty. yall are big boys now so from now on u both are sleeping in ur own room, so I came to my bed and when I woke up they both were sleeping upstairs and man was I one happy mama. So again tonight we are doing great and I am really loving this. So Nick alsleep and I have two boxers sleeping on me so I guess it is my turn. Goodnight...

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