Sunday, August 23, 2009

weekends over already

Wow it does not seem that it should be Monday already but I guess it is. Time to start another week back at school. Well, I want to tell you a little about my life daily and a few different things. So 1st off I get up or Nick doe sat 7am and Braxton has to be at school before 8am. So after we drop him off most of the time we go back to bed and sleep till almost 10am. Then we are up he goes to work I get kids up and fed and all that good stuff and when its about 1pm Brooke is ready for a nap, a nap girl you just got up (and no I am not complaining cause my babies sleep but is this normal, cause lately I am feeling really bad about it) anyways we have to pick Braxton up at 230pm, so after that we all come home and it is nap time. We then get up do supper they play then it is bath and bedtime again. Ok so did you see where we just pretty much sleep all the time. Well, I know it is me but I have been to the dr and they found nothing worng. So if you have any suggest please let me know. So our weekend was good. Friday we did nothing but enjoyed time with Nicks mom and my daddy, then Saturday I have looking forward to for a long time. We went to the Nashville State Fairgrounds flea market and oh my I had missed it so much, I use to go every month but its been almost a year since we have been. I got the cutest new wallet, I will try and post pics of it soon. And I was looking at purses but man I really dont need one. Well, after that we took the kids to Nicks dads house cause the boys wanted to spend the night so me and Nick went to the races. Got home after 10pm I know and I could not sleep. So, I took some meds that make me sleep and boy did it work, I woke up at 10am this morning when Nick was leaving for work I ate a pop tart and cereal then layed back down and nect thing I know is that is was 5PM and Nick was coming home for lunch. WAIT A MINUTE I slept all day, yep thats correct. So it is 11pm right now and guess what I am WIDE awake. So, hopefully I will get some sleep after. So so my whole thing is I want to be a normal everyday family. I feel like we are not normal I sleep Nick works all the time and sleeps when he can then there are the kids just kinda out there. I am sitting here crying cause I am so upset I feel like a bad mommy. So, right now I said a prayer to JESUS and I am changing not only for myself but for my family. We will always have cooked meals and not as much eating out, I will play with my kids and enjoy them and I am going to clean I want my house to be clean all the time. Its not now days if anyone wants to come over they cant cause I have to clean 1st. I mean is this normal I dont feel like it. I am loneing for a girl friend I call and tell every little thing too, and who does the same to me and we get together at least once a week just because we are best friends I am really need this. Well, I have the bestest friend ever reading this and I know u are the bestest friend ever and I am hoping that we can get closer. Well, now I have let all my emotions out on here I guess I am going to try and get some sleep. Goodnight and I hope that everyone has a wonderful and blessed work week

I love this man
more and more everyday.......

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  1. Honey!! You need a routine. Where you wake up at a certain time and go to bed at a certain time. Your schedule is so out of it, that you sleep when you can which is usually during the day because you can't sleep at night. But you can't sleep at night b/c you slept during the day. It's gonna take staying up for an entire day and becoming so exhausted that you go to bed at like 8pm and then set an alarm clock for the next morning. You'll be able to do it. It's normal for Brooke to sleep so much. Abby takes nap at 10am til 1230pm and then is in bed at 730pm and wakes up at 630am. Nate naps from about 2-4 and is in bed at 830 and wakes about 7. And cleaning. Girl, you ain't no different than anyone else. You'll always have at least 1 load of laundry to do. Dusting and vacuuming are neverending b/c of kids and dogs. You do it when you can like everyone else. We will work on a schedule together and on wednesdays we are getting together and taking the kids to the park, discovery center, your house (I'll help you clean), my house (you can help me clean), stones river mall's playground, and anywhere else that is kid friendly. WEDNESDAYS will be OUR day. Put it in your calendar. our cells are getting disconnected (we are getting prepaid), but until then call 931-735-6287.