Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So I am guessing everything that I am going thru right now is only making me a stronger person and also a better wife mommy and just a better person in general. Well, 1st off I think our money problems are getting better but we will see how things go for here. Kids are doing good which is so awesome for us. Braxton still loving school and I am super excited. Brennon is been headache free for at least a whole week maybe longer than that. So we are praising the Lord everyday because we stop and think about what could have happen with him having headaches.
Brooklyn is ONE and getting so big. Last Saturday we had her 1st birthday party and it went great but I am so so happy that Traci and her babies came. I am so lucky to have a friend like her. Brooke got alot of clothes which she really needed for winter. She is still not walking just army crawling but she will soon I hope. I am do a post later for her being one. Right now I just wanna play catch up. Well, we are going to tell Nicks dad that he needs to buy the house from us so we can go file and if he doesnt we are going to file anyways. Me and Nick just need to do this for us and the kids and right now that is all that matters. So please pray for us. Well, we were eating at Cracker Barrrel tonight and I got a phone call from my mom, well her and my stepdad had gotten into a fight and he told her to leave... So she was going to stay in a hotel I said no way you are coming to stay with us. So she is here. I love my mommy more than anything and I am so blessed that I could be here for her right now when she needs me the most because she is always there for me and the my kids when we need her. Well, I am going to bed have to get up and clean carpets tomorrows. so fun fun stuff plus got to watch sheets on our and the kids bed. I am going to cook a big supper for mommy tomorrow night I hope. Well, goodnight and hope everyone has a great rest of the week

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