Friday, August 14, 2009

Man how life can be so so hard sometimes

Growing up is all I can say. I guess this is part of growing up. Well, I am just asking you to pray for me and my family as we are going thru hard times right now. I really wish I could turn back time and make all this go away and I would for real never ever done all that we have done again it is not worth it. I mean I am hurting today for my kids, cause they are also hurting from Nick and myselfs mistakes. and this is why I would change it if I could. But I cant thats not how life works. I did it yeah and learn from it now I want to move on.
ok WAIT I didn not cheat on Nick nor did he cheat on me. I know that is how is sounds but thats not it at all.
Ok now that I got that out of the way I can finish, well I just read what I had already wrote and took a little break and I feel like I just need to talk about everything so here it goes.
Me and Nick lived in a huge 3800 square foot house and had everything.... Nice cars, kids had everything and you get the point. Yes we made really good money well, one day that really good money was no longer there. So there we were in a huge house paying 1200 dollars a month, plus everything else. So once we had no money coming in then we had to move out cause we were 3 months behind and soon the bank was fixing to take it. So here we are a family of 5 no income and how you going to find something else when you have no income so we moved in with Nicks mom, and stayed for several months until we got jobs and money to get on our feet again. Well the whole time Nicks dad took over payments of our other house cause he built it and had so much money in it didnt just want the bank to take it. Well, a year later we are even worse. Fixing to lose my truck and doing good to pay bills. So needless to say very hard times. Well Nicks dad has once again talked Nick out of doing anything but running from all this debt and it is getting old. I mean I want more for my kids. Well, I am really done talking about it.
So thats where we have been just laying low. Well, my baby is 1 and her 1st birthday party is tomorrow. Seems like yesterday I was going into early labor and so worried...
Well, tonight we might to a a cousin baseball game the boys enjoy going. Then we have to get things ready for the party tomorrow. In the morning I am hoping to just go pick up the cake then head to Nicks dads place. So I am really hoping for a happy happy day. Well, I am off to try and clean the house some. And then cook supper hopefully Nick will be here around 5 and not have to work to late. but who knows.....

Here is Brennon and Brooklyn at Nashville Shores waiting in line to get something to drink

the princess in the pool with daddy!!!!

me and Nick in the pool
Braxton riding the seal in the water

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