Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tinsley Reece Ferrell

Tinsley Reece is in April's (my sister n law) belly as I type this...  April is 32 weeks pregnant, well I type this cause she has had several problems and we are needing prayers. At 26 weeks April was at work and she start leaking fluid, she was in the hospital for the weekend then sent home on bed rest. Going to the dr two times a week one for ultrasound and other to see ob. After the hospital stay Tinsley was not growing like normal and they wanted to watch her more, so she now has two ultrasounds a week and seeing ob once. April now has inner intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) so at 3 weeks Tinsley should weigh around 4lbs and is only weighing 2lbs at the most. So other test have been not she we are not sure 100% if Tinsley has any other problems after birth but we do know we are looking at a hospital stay of 4 to 6 weeks. That is only with her size cause they are taking her in 2 weeks. April has lost almost all the fluid around the baby and also the baby is not getting the right amount of blood flow thru the cord and not enough oxygen. Her ob said right now Tinsley is better off on the inside than out but I am not sure... I am not a dr but I dont nothing to happen to this tiny miracle, April and my brother tried for 3 years to have a baby and fianlly after misscarriages and surgery to remove ovary she got pregnant with Tinsley... So we know she is a miracle baby and she will be a fighter she has already showed us how strong she is... So I am posting this cause we are needing prayers more now than ever... Please lord keep your hand on Tinsley... Here are two pictures I will get alot more once she is here but for now here is April at 32 weeks pregnant (as you can tell she is super small to be 32 weeks)

                                  And here is her tiny smocked dress I ordered her,
                                   it is a preemie and I am so hoping she comes
                                                     home in it :)

I will keep everyone updated!!!! Please please PRAY

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