Wednesday, January 5, 2011

poor hubby

 Nicholas has been sick for  while now since maybe a week before Christmas and he was just been putting off going until Monday went he couldn't take it any longer, so he was having a hard time breathing so I took him to the er... Well after 3 hours of us being there, chest xrays and breathing treatment, Dr came in and told us Nick had pneumonia in his left lung.. I was so worried they were going to keep him here but we got super lucky and she gave us meds and sent us home. I was so ready to get out of that place, I really dislike that place cause I just feel like since I was not since after being there I will get sick!!!! Here is picture of my hubby trying to rest but couldn't cause I wouldn't leave him alone ;)

After that we went and got his meds and came home.... Then Tuesday Braxton had to go back to school and with Nick being sick he was at home. After I got Braxton from school I needed to go and get groceries.. Well on my way to Murfreesboro I thought why I was down there I would just go get my nails done as well. Then I went and spent 320 dollars at walmart... Yeah you read that correct... SUCKS but we gotta eat
I was on my way home just really sleepy and ready for my nap before work that night. I was on broad st in Murfreesboro sitting still at a red light and just waiting for my time to go and then I hear the loudest boom I have ever heard I thought the cars beside me were having a wreck and I was freaking out and didn't want to be in it.. well not... once I figured out what happen I felt somethings hitting me I had my window down some, and then is when I knew what happen. There was a BIG truck coming at me head on and I was just sitting there and he hit the side of my truck and took my mirror off... AHHH freaking out is a understatement cause I really didn't think I could try home, I was tore up... Well I sit there and put it in park the saw that the truck that hit me NEVER stopped just kept on driving.... Well to me all that matters is that he took my mirror off and didn't hit me head on and this is all I have left of my drivers side mirror :(

Just looking at that picture makes me sad. After everything happened I just took off driving home.. I was so upset, I should have called 911 but I didn't.. So here I am today without a mirror and some other places where the mirror hit the side of my truck... Well after that needless to say I didn't work last night.
This morning Nick went back to work and I done some cleaning but really was lazy most of the day :) cause that's what  I do best... and right now it is 8:15pm and I am out of here and going to bed :)
Love my nights off and get to go to bed

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