Monday, January 17, 2011

Tractor Pull 2011

A few weeks ago we took the to Murfreesboro to the Miller Coliseum for a indoor tractor pull. And to say they had a blast would be a understatement ;) Brennon didnt really like it at 1st but once daddy went and bought him some ear plugs it was all good.... Nicks cousin's Dalton and Dillon meet us there as well and the kids LOVE them well mainly Dalton.... Brooklyn spent the night with her Papa and we spent some time with the boys and here are a few pictures of our night!!!! Enjoy

                                                             My boys...
                                                     me and the hubby
                                                My man, oh how I love him
                                          now my lover boys silly picture
Braxton loved taking pictures of mommy and daddy
                                           This is Nicks cousin Dalton, Benny loves him <3
                                               my boy watching the tractor

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