Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Here is go and try and recap our Christmas 2010.....
We start off on the 23rd which is Nicks birthday.. We took the kids to his dads house so they could spend the night and we went out with some friends and family. Then we wake up Christmas eve morning and go to nicks dads house for his step moms family breakfast...... Then it is home for only a few hours then we went to my mom and step dads house with my brothers family..... then we were done for that day and then we have Chrsitmas morning just the 5 of us @ home... At lunch we went to my Uncle's house for lunch with my moms family then we went to Nicks dads for Christmas with them then right after that we had to go and have Christmas with the Parkers..... and yes I have to work Christmas night. Not a good time for me.
But I made it and slept the whole day after Christmas :) Here are some pictures of Chrsitmas around here

Brennon opening gifts

 Braxton waiting to see what Santa brought him
                                           Braxton being silly eating icing
                                            from our gingerbread house
 This is how they spend most of the days
 I am pretty sure she is the cutest ever
My amazing three babies ready for church

So things are finally getting back to normal but not 100% cause Braxton is still out of school for a few more days... I am more than ready to get our normal back...... I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and a Amazing New Years... We spent New Years at home, Nick and the boys played xbox and Brooke slept
and mommy worked :)

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