Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15th

Well today was very busy for me and the kids. First off while trying to get out of the house and in the truck the storm came really so all that time I just spent getting ready was gone I was soaked getting all three of them in the truck, but oh well went on with my day. So took the kids to Grammy while I went to work and got my last paycheck then take it to the bank. So traffic was awful on Old Fort so took to long then get to work and the lights are out anyways got my check went to the bank then by this time it was already like 2 or after and Braxton and Brooklyn had a doctors appt at 230 yeah we are never on time, so got to the dr at 245 and had to go change our insurance so didnt get to the dr office till like after 3 then we go and they check Brooklyn out first for her 9 month checkup. She weighs 16 lbs and 2 ozs, she is 26 and something inches long, everything else looked good but when it came to the talk about what she was and was not doing, well more like what she was not doing. So she is 9 months old right she is behind some I would say cause she was a preemie, like not crawling, just now sitting up good. you know things like that. Well the dr thinks she is really behind so she is having the TN dept of early intervention come in and they will look and Brooklyn and go from there. So I knew what she was talking about only because Nate and Abby are going thru this samething, well as soon as we got out of the dr I sent Traci (Nate and Abbys) mommy and was talking to her about it cause she has been there and knows what going on. Anyways we will just wait and see what happpens, but I really wanna know why everytime I take Brooke to the dr they make me feel like an awful Mommy I just dont understand cause I do everything for my kids.... Ok well enough of that

Braxtons checkup went well so now my baby is ready for Kinder. wow kinda sad.

So after that i took Braxton to walmart to get a toy cause he did such a great job at the dr getting his shots and helping me. Then we went to Grammys and I just layed down I was so tired from everything then finally me and the kids came home ate supper and now we are playing with thier new Thomas The Train toys. I really have got to go and clean the kids closets out upstairs , this is only like the 2nd time I have said I was going to do this but this time I really think I am going to get up and do it.

OH MY GOSH I almost forgot Brooklyn is getting her 1st tooth yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways going to the Discovery Center tomorrow with Traci, Nate and Abby, so excited and I am going to take lots of pictures....
The picture I posted with this post is the first time I saw my baby girl Brooklyn Renee.....

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  1. seriously. I hate taking the kids to the dr. I hate they way she makes me feel. I'm sure she doesn't do it on purpose, but when she asks if they can do this or that and I say no.. she always responds. "well, then you need to do this". Dr. Mags always says that "Nate is short for his age".. like I can do anything about that. But you are an awesome mom regardless of what anyone has to say.. you take care of your babies, you even take them to the icky ol' dr. who I'm sure you dread seeing worse than they do. That's what good mommies do!