Wednesday, May 13, 2009

our day so far

Well today is wednesday and I am really looking forward to Friday why you say cause I get my last paycheck from work and Nick also gets paid. Yay we get oney but wait nevermind we have to spend all of it on the bills. But of well at least we have the money to pay our bills right. Well this morning has been wild here at the house, the boys are screaming and why i have no idea but really i am fixing the hurt them :}
Well I have been cleaning most of the morning and now we are fixing to go to Grammys house which I am hoping she will watch the kids so I can run to Walmart and get a few things plus I really need to go tan. Well I am going to fix lunch then we are off so I will be back......
Praying for Kayliegh and her family, may that baby girl reat in peace!!!!!

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