Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my night

Well I am worn out and really havent done anything but I already have Brooke in the bed and the boys are laying down watching Mickey Mouse and I am so addicted to this I had no come and write more more tie before bed. So today was really good, I went to walmart and got what I needed then went to tan which was amazing I just love it. Then we came home fixed supper, We all had bathes and now we are ready for bed. So Nick found out his new shift today it will be mon, wed, thur, fri and sun 2p till 11pm... uhh yeah plus he will be working with his daddy so I will not get to see him that much but on the good side working that shift he gets 10% more an hour and on Sunday it gets so much more so I am really hoping since he will be making so much more each paycheck then he will not have to work with his dad as much, which means we will get to see him till like 230pm everyday PLUS he will have Saturdays offand tuesdays off. but anyways gotta do what it takes to live and he is doing so much for me and our kids, I married the most amazing man ever and my kids have the best daddy in the world.... Well tomorrow we have nothing planned I am really looking forward to laying around all day. So I guess this is good night and I will be back on here tomorrow..... Good Night everybody

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