Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well today I am really hoping for a lazy day, I had to go to the store so while out I went to the tanning bed. So glad to have that over with now the kids are in the living room watching tv and I just got done reading Kayleigh's family blog and it made me cry I mean I can not imagine 11 months in the nicu and now coming home knowing you are not going back to see her. she is in gods hands now but I am hurting for her parents. I have to do alot of lundry today uhh the joys of being a mommy. I really need to get things around the house where they need to go since we have been here in the new house I have worked and been so busy we just got moved in and thaat was it so since I have been home I have been hanging pictures up and putting things where they need to be. I need to clean out the kids closets since its spring and summer and not winter and with Brooklyn she can now wear 3-6 months so I need to clean out all hher 0-3 months clothes. So I told you I needed to to that but really I dont wanna get up and do it. Plus we have a garage full of junk that needs to be put in the storage building or in the attic so I clearly have tons to go but I am so lazy when it comes to these things I would rather be on the computer watching tv or really laying down is the fav.

So yesterday we went to Grammys and I forgot to record the Doctors which had Kayleighs story on yesterday so I was really sad I wanted to see it so bad. But anyways I took some pics of the kids a few days ago and the ones of Brooklyn was awesome. Was I will post soe of those. Well I really need to get up and get things done.

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