Friday, May 29, 2009

My wonderful day

Well here I am again and so ready for bed and so are the boys they are really sleepy and acting ugly for real. So going to try and make this fast first off, I want everyone to know that I have the bestest mommy in the whole wide world I always call her everyday, and tell her everything but I dont see her alot so today I told myself that would change I wanna to start seeing her everyday or every other day plus I want the kids to see her more often too.... With all the family drama we have had my mom and Nick has been my rock, NOONE should ever have to hear that they are a bad parent, I mean I wake up everyday for MY BABIES.... and if you are reading this then u know me and know thats true. So I keep telling myself whatever just move on but really I cant so I talked to Nicks mom about it tonight and she has no idea where it came from or why her sister even said that. But that does not make it any better for me, I am still really hurt, I mean hurt like I have never been hurt before. But I am a strong mommy and will overcome this.

OK I really think I am done talking about this.

So, tonight our new puppy got something in her eye and could not open it, so I called Nick's mom (cause she knows everything about dogs) and she said my new puppy might have worms cause when we bought Callie we also well not we Becky bought my daddy a solid white boxer puppy from the same litter, so me and my dad have the sisters. Anyways the dogs had only been wormed once and really needed it to be done more than that so she gave Callie shots and wormed her so hopefully, she will feel better soon, I think something got in her eye and maybe scratched it, but she is acting fine. I have been doing laundry all night and still am not done thats how any dirty clothes I had.... So the kids played outside for over an hour tonight and then we came in and Nick brought the boys home tacos, and I had one plus had my first Coke in like three days so really that Coke was like heaven to me at that time. Well I know that nothing is in order with me saying all this I just have so much to say as I think about it I just type it, so hopefully I am not so confusing. Well, Brooklyn is in the bed and Nick just layed down cause he has to get up early and work with his dad then go to Verizon at 9 then dont get off till 6.

Tomorrow night Noah and Lisa are coming over. Noah works with Nick and has become really good friends and they are really fun to hang out with. Tomorrow I am taking the kids to buy chalk to draw on the driveway. Then we have to get a few things from Walmart that should be fun.... I thought maybe the park but I dont know yet.

Since we moved to Murfreesboro we have been going to church at World Outreach Church and I love it more than I have any other church. But we are still members as a family to First Baptist in Woodbury where Nicks dad goes, so they call and are having a baby dedication and we have been this with Braxton then Brennon there so they asked if we would want to with Brooklyn and I said of course, so this Sunday we are going up there. Nicks dad said something about keeping the kids Saturday night and I said not this weekend cause with all the drama that has happened I needed them to be with me. So, I really feel like I have said everything I wanted to as of now but I know as soon as I get off the computer I will think about something else I wanted to say.

So I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I hopefully we post again tomorrow if I have time.

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  1. I can understand why your bothered by what Nick's aunt has said.. You try so hard to be a good mommy and probably don't get recognition outside Nick and the babies. And then you hear negativity from her, which is disheartening. You (like me) do all you can for your kids and I can't stand when people only point out what they disagree with or don't like. Where is the recognition for when I kiss a boo boo? Where is the high five when my babies are crying and I hug and hold them? There isn't any. Because Mom's are supposed to do that, but if I spank my child for getting too close to the pool, then I'm a terrible mom, 'he's only two', is what I hear. But I'm teaching him right and I know it. As do you.