Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Weekend

Well I have not been on here in forever it seems. So our weekend was great... Saturday we had a great time with Traci and the kids at the discovery center. than Sunday was awesome cause Nicks mom came and got the kids so that left me home to clean YAY!!! finally home alone to do some good cleaning and that I did, I cleaned bathrooms, cleaned out closets, cleaned carpets and done all the little things too our house was so so cleaned I loved it..... So then we went to his moms house for a family cookout and we ate the best corn on the cob ever... So today is Nicks day off but he went to work with his daddy for a while so I think me and the kids might get out for a while maybe the park or something who knows. Then tonight we are planting flowers yay I am so excited. Well getting off here to take care of my babies

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