Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have been thinking about this post all day. I have spent this beautiful Saturday at home and not doing much of anything. I did get a few things done but not alot. So poor sissy has had around 10 runny pretty much water today so needless to say her bottom is really red and it hurts her so bad. So, we went on a field trip Thursday with Braxtons class. The boys had a blast and I loved seeing the smile on their faces.... I will post pictures of this trip in a few. Braxton is doing wonderful in school, he still needs some help and is behind in a few things but overall he is great. Brennon is having a few headaches here and there but alot better. Brennon is great but sometimes has a hard time listening to mommy and doing what he is told to do, or even just doing things he knows he doesnt need to do at all, but I guess he is 3 years old so yeah... Brooklyn is the laziest baby I have ever seen or even heard of. I am just ready cause right now I am having to carry her alot and man she is finally getting bigger... I have the best husband ever, we are just so perfect. Oh yeah almost forgot last night Nicks mom kept the kids while me and him went Christmas shopping for the kids and I am so proud to say we are done... Yeah the kids might not get alot of huge things but mommy and daddy got them everything we could... I cant wait till Christmas morning to see their faces. I guess besides that we have really just been laying low... I am hoping to get up and take the kids to church in the morning and I am really looking forward to hear a amazing message and that is me time I just sit and take everything in. Well, I am getting really sleepy so I guess that is all for tonight... Gob bless and have a wonderful day of worship tomorrow...

well just tried to post a few pictures but it will not work so maybe I will tomorrow

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